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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Go Bananas For BONOBO


Go Bananas For BONOBO

Michaela McGrath

Groggy? Tired? Confused? You know that feeling, I know that feeling, we all know that feeling. It’s the feeling of being deprived of coffee, or being not quite human. What else is well-intentioned but only almost human? The answer is the Bonobo chimpanzee, and with this obscure train of thought the latest kid on the Bank St block was born.

After being in the specialty coffee circuit for eleven years, owner Derek has helped a bunch of cafes get on their feet. Inspired by their success the ex-café advisor finally has his time to shine with his own answer to the almost human, pre-coffee slump within us all, Bonobo.


Clearly thrilled to be right in the heart of this up-and-coming CBD hub, Derek says “Bank Street is awesome, that end of the city is starting to liven up and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.” The Bank St location means that Bonobo is only a stone’s throw away from Adelaide Railway Station and just in the right spot for a cheeky morning stop off during our morning commute. Not to mention that the café is amongst great company with “there [being] so much camaraderie in the area and everyone [making] me feel very welcome.” With neighbours like Sit Lo, we wouldn’t be going anywhere either.

Aside from a generally awesome location and rad monkey mural, Bonobo is a hub for good ol’ local produce. If there’s one thing we love even more than a good cup of joe, that’s a good cup of joe sourced from SA. Originally just intending to supply quality products, Derek found that the best of the best was right on his doorstep and so “the local produce happened organically.” Bonobo now sports Fleurieu Milk and Kommon Grounds coffee from McLaren Vale, and even managed to perch and Australian made, stainless steel coffee machine by EspressoDeck on the end of their bar. An impressive feat considering most machines are made overseas.

Bonobo’s affinity for local produce doesn’t stop in the cup and why would it, with so many Adelaide businesses upping the ante in the food industry. With Flinders Street Project supplying the café with the BEST pastries and bagels from Topham Mall’s The Beigelry, the list could go on much to our delight, it does. A match made in heaven sees The Yoghurt Shop meet Goodies and Grains at Bonobo with their yoghurt and muesli supplied from each respectively. Even the Kombucha is locally sourced, with a range of Willunga’s Mojo Kombucha stocked in the store’s fridges.

This little store packs a punch with all of the local produce leading to quality, fresh food and coffee as well as a warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re supporting a range of SA businesses. To fill your stomach (and your heart) with this feeling and maybe a coffee or four, be sure to make your next cuppa a Bonobo coffee.


To check out more of what the team at Bonobo are up to find them here.

When? Monday – Friday, 7AM – 4PM

Where? 16 Bank St, Adelaide

All photos via Bonobo Espresso Facebook page.