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Walk a Mile in My Boots


Walk a Mile in My Boots

jenny qian

As we settle in to the colder, drizzlier months, many who are homeless are struggling through the harsher weather. To show support to those braving the cold without a home, the Hutt Street Centre is holding Walk a Mile in My Boots for the 10th time this year.

While many of us have the comfort of our own beds and a roof over our heads this winter, around 6000 people in South Australia unfortunately do not have access to these privileges.

Walk a Mile in My Boots is a fundraising event that encourages fellow radelaidians to walk for a mile to support and raise awareness for those who experience homelessness, a small percentage of the South Australian population that are usually neglected.


Hutt St Centre CEO, Ian Cox said that participating in the walk during an expected chilly winter morning is a commendable act of solidarity.

“Homelessness can and does happen to anyone. By joining us for Walk a Mile in My Boots, you’ll be showing that this is an important issue to you, and that no person should feel like they’re walking alone,” Cox said.

In the lead-up to the event, South Australians are asked to help raise money for Hutt Street Centre. These donations will directly fund invaluable and professional resources for those going through tough times without homes. The Hutt St Centre has been offering helpful services to people experiencing homelessness for more than 60 years and have positively reshaped many lives.

“Without the money raised from events like these, the Hutt St Centre wouldn’t be able to provide the lifechanging, essential and professional services needed to help rebuild lives,” Cox said.

In honour of the event’s 10th anniversary, The Hutt Street Centre expect the number of participants to match the 6000 people who experience homelessness in South Australia each year. This year, the fundraising target is set at $225,000.

The team at This is Radelaide strongly encourage all fellow Radelaidians to wake up a little earlier this Friday morning to walk a mile, and even go the extra mile by donating money and sharing this event on social media. People who experience homelessness do not choose their living circumstances and just need a little support and care from the community. No person who is homeless should feel like they're walking alone. 

The event will be held on the 10th of August, starting at Vicrotia Park/ Pakapakanthi and ending at the South Park Lands/ Tuthangga.


For more information, visit their website HERE.