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Review: Florence + The Machine Satisfying Adelaide's 'Hunger'

Thai McGill

Didn’t make it along to see Florence & The Machine? Read our wrap up here!

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Northeast Party House Throw a Rager

Thai McGill

Recently Northeast Party House performed at Fat Controller along with local acts China Roses, and Paradise Club.

The night started out with a set from China Roses who put on a great performance that had everyone bopping to their poppy electronic tunes and catchy vocal hooks. They played their recently released single ‘Outer’ which was definitely a highlight along with a new song that they played live for the first time. It was great to see how much they have developed their live performance and stage presence since I last saw them play.

If the heat hadn’t tipped everyone off that summer had started yet, the jingly 80’s inspired songs from Paradise Club certainly reminded us. The smooth and almost at times effortless vocals from the singer had everyone warmed up (more than the weather could) dancing along. The comforting mellow guitar licks reminded me a lot of The Paper Kites and I’m very excited to see where they take their music in the future.

Finally the wait was over, and to the applause of the audience, the members of Northeast Party House made their way onto the stage. The opening song began with atmospheric synths and punchy bass before an explosion of colourful sounds at the end. This really got the crowd going and moshes began to break out as everyone slipped further into the trance of prominent groovy bass lines, wailing guitars, and repetitive anthem like vocals. A few songs into the set the crowd was given a simple question, “Blink-182 or Metallica?”. After measuring the applause after each band name the winner had been decided, and the band broke into an explosive and punky cover of Blink-182’s song ‘Dammit’.

It was also around the time that I was sucked into the mosh, and by no intention of my own ended up almost directly in the centre, right in front of vocalist Zach Hamilton-Reeves. This was when they broke out the tropic and percussive single ‘Calypso Beach’ off of their latest album ‘Dare’. The moshing took a break as everyone chilled out and enjoyed the much more relaxed song. The calm, however, was short lived because the next song was the dynamic ‘Embezzler’ which had the entire crowd jumping and yelling along to the synth heavy dance tune. A cover of Violent Soho’s ‘Covered in Chrome’ shortly followed, and similar to the previous song, saw the whole audience screaming along to the lyrics.  I didn’t think the crowd could dance any harder, but when the final song ‘Youth Allowance’ started playing, the energy in the packed room went up tenfold. Zach noticed the increase of energy too because he began to edge closer to the sweaty crowd before launching himself on top of everyone at the front (including me).

This was an amazing gig to start Summer off with. Each artist offered something different and Northeast Party House nailed their performance. The crowd was fantastic and the sound and lighting was really well done. Fat Controller made for the perfect venue with both the vibe of a club and a bar; this created a comfortable yet energetic mood throughout the crowd. Fans of the band can also get excited for 2019 because they teased that new music would be coming soon. My only regret is that I wore white shoes which are unfortunately now black.

Images provided by  Fat Controller

Images provided by Fat Controller

Spiderbait @ The Gov

Ottilie French

Yes, they’re that band that have that song in 10 Things I Hate About You.

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Chatting With Local Legends West Thebarton Brothel Party

Harrison Schultz

Award nominations, single dropping, tours... its been a hectic year for West Thebarton Brothel Party.

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