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Sebastian Moore

Steve McQueen, returning after his 2014 Oscar winning 12 Years A Slave, veers into genre filmmaking with a heist thriller that hints at the director’s talents but ultimately feels like his first creative misfire.

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Film Review: Robin Hood

Adriana Sinicropi

Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood is a thrilling tale set in medieval England, where Robin and his side-kick John revolt against the English Crown, with plenty of bow-and-arrow action.

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This is Radelaide’s Top Five: Movies To Watch This Summer

Adriana Sinicropi

Get out of the scorching heat for a few hours and kick-back into holiday-mode this summer with our top five movies hitting theatres soon!

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Just Between Us: Adelaide Premiere

Jamieson Eileen

What would you do if your sister’s ghost needed you to road-trip across the country in order to move on? Bring lots of snacks, obviously.

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Film Review: Downsizing

Erin Gear

Downsizing, starring Matt Damon, is the humanitarian science-fiction dramedy of the year.

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Film Review: Moonlight

Ellie Stamelos

Moonlight is a deeply personal film that explores identity, self-discovery and human connection. 

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REVIEW - The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years

Paul Maland

With the help of Beatles past and present, Director Ron Howard and editor Paul Crowder have attempted to make sense of life under the blinding spotlight for one of the largest pop-culture icons of the 20th century.

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