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French Film Festival Review: Who You Think I Am

Anh Ngo

A genre-blending thriller, drama and romance, exploring the phenomenon of catfishing from the catfish’s POV. Who You Think I Am is masterfully carried by veteran actress Juliette Binoche, who somehow manages to elicit sympathy to an unsympathetic cause.

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Film Review: Robin Hood

Adriana Sinicropi

Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood is a thrilling tale set in medieval England, where Robin and his side-kick John revolt against the English Crown, with plenty of bow-and-arrow action.

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This is Radelaide’s Top Five: Movies To Watch This Summer

Adriana Sinicropi

Get out of the scorching heat for a few hours and kick-back into holiday-mode this summer with our top five movies hitting theatres soon!

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The Transitions Film Festival Returns To Adelaide

Adriana Sinicropi

The Transitions Film Festival will return to Adelaide this May with an exciting line-up of inspirational documentaries.

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American Express Open Air Cinema: The Ultimate Movie Experience

Gerasimos Canatselis

Take centre-stage and embrace Glenelg's 'Open-Air Cinema'.

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Film Review: The Mummy Remake

Nadia von Bertouch

Just like the 5000-year-old Princess Ahmanet, The Mummy franchise is probably something that was best left untouched and buried deep in the ground.

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Femmes In The Adelaide Art Scene

Caitlin Tait

To celebrate this year's International Women's Day, here are some more local ladies to keep an eye on across the arts scene.

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REVIEW - The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years

Paul Maland

With the help of Beatles past and present, Director Ron Howard and editor Paul Crowder have attempted to make sense of life under the blinding spotlight for one of the largest pop-culture icons of the 20th century.

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FREEMALES: The Premiere

Rachel Darling

"The best web series. You'll see period." 

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Radelaidians Doing Cool Shit #2, Skimboarder Jake Mcintosh

Harrison Schultz

We chat about skimboarding abroad and in South OZ.

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Little Films With Hearts of Gold

Madeleine Manglaras

Heart of Gold Short International Short Film Festival comes to Adelaide. 

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Palace Nova Cinemas Launch Essential Independents Film Festival

Emma Ferraro

The Essentials Film Festival spotlights a curation of enthralling alternative American films. 

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The Adelaide Film Festival Program Is Here

Bonnie McBride

Prepare your posteriors, you're in for a sit. 

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Girl Asleep: Adelaide goes Hollywood

Paige Kerin

Filming for Girl Asleep is underway, and is set to be another brilliant film made with Adelaide's creative juices.

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Adelaide's Rising Star, Tilly Cobham-Hervey

Alana Trezise

Recently we caught up with Tilly Cobham-Hervey, the leading lady in Internationally acclaimed and locally produced film, 52 Tuesdays

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