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Anything But Pacing - Paces @ Fat Controller


Anything But Pacing - Paces @ Fat Controller

Ben Neale

On a Friday night foretelling of the winter just around the corner, Mikey Perry, who you might know better as PACES, lit up the Fat Controller stage. He took us back to a warmer time with his catalogue of summer bangers. Mikey fronts under PACES as his solo project on the side of Surecut Kids, and his tunes have been steamrolling the Triple J rotation. Featured on his bound to be a hit album 'Vacation', is Adelaide’s own Jess Kent with 1993 (No Chill), the one and only Guy Sebastian, and joining him on the tour the lovely Esther Sparks. PACES will be taking this show all over Aus and even hopping the pond to Kiwi country on his debut album tour.


Doing what any good support act should, solo artist Running Touch pulled the crowd in with his drum machine wizardry, vocal power and guitar shredding presence. His beats were on point and kept everybody moving while a stream of red, blue and gold adorned footy fans rolled in ready to party, with the occasional blue and white. Despite the slow start, the atmosphere built as the house DJ flooded the floor with the dance hits we know and love.

PACES took to the stage and the crowd was feeling it right away. He came in guns blazing with enthusiasm and it wasn’t long before he threw his hoodie off, the energy was real. He connected with the audience, danced and sang along and got us way down low to jump at the drop. He played a balanced mix of intense and chiller tracks, and his two dancers came on to show us how to get into it.


He pulled out all the stops with the performance, with the dancers, bringing on Esther Sparks to sing her part, with Running Touch making a reappearance. He shot timely clouds of confetti into the crowd keeping me on my feet to get the good shots. Perry clearly felt the vibe and wasn’t shy of letting us know it, almost commanding us to keep having a “good ass time,” which he obviously was.

Mikey dropped great modern mixes of classic such as Ou Est Le Swimming Pools ‘Dance the Way I Feel’ and spun his version of one of Kanye’s newer tracks, ‘I Love Kanye’, the crowd shared the sentiment. By this point even the bar staff got into the groove of it, dancing away while keeping the liquor flowing.

PACES shot one last confetti cannon into the wild crowd and called the last song. Although the crowd was not showing any signs of slowing. He shouted “Have you guys got one left in you? Fuck yeah I have too!” The energy peaked as the confetti settled and within minutes our time with Mikey Perry was sadly over.

All Images via This is Radelaide