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Review: Mother's Day


Review: Mother's Day

Georgina Cunningham

From the director that brought you Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, Garry Marshall returns with another ensemble cast for another holiday, Mother’s Day. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis, this movie gives an insight to the modern problems mothers face. We live in a world where mothers are expected to do it all, and this film clearly captures that.

Like a big bouquet for your adoring mother, this film has a bit of everything. It takes a look into the intertwining lives of five families.  It takes a focus on same sex mothers, single mothers, widowed fathers and young mothers to give a well rounded discovery about what it means to be a mother.  

Often funny and sweet, the film has many classic moments that most families can relate to. The film can resonate with the different struggles modern families face.

Garry Marshall delivers what audiences have come to expect from his films in the past, and he presents it in a way only Garry Marshall can. With Julia Roberts and Hector Elizondo by his side, the trio produce another brilliant relationship story between two platonic friends.  

With an all-star cast with many storylines, there’s bound to be one that each person can relate to. Jennifer Aniston was a highlight, with the ability to be funny yet sweet at the same time. This film sets out to do what it hopes to achieve: to entertain mothers. With a bit of slapstick comedy and charming little moments, it achieves what a lot of Marshall's films have lost in recent years. 

This film is the kind that you can take your mum to on Mother’s Day, coupled with cake and coffee it’s the perfect way to share an experience with the number one woman in your life.