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'Nobody's Home' (They All Went to See Mallrat @ The Gov)


'Nobody's Home' (They All Went to See Mallrat @ The Gov)

Thai McGill


Mallrat 1.jpg

On Friday the 5th of April, The Gov hosted Mallrat for her Nobody’s Home tour along with a large list of supporting artists. While The Gov is a great venue, the sold out crowd made it quite packed and a larger capacity venue could have improved the experience. Regardless the show was still amazing and The Gov is always a great venue.

The first artist to bless the stage with their presence was NYNE who got the audience hyped up for the night with her hip-hop/trap style pop music. Her smooth vocals sat above and juxtaposed the deep bass, bouncy synths and sprinkly hi-hats. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her break into a much more mainstream market after releasing a few more songs.

The next artist was Kota Banks who had everyone transfixed. Not only because of her bright blue latex outfit and dope sunglasses, but also her incredible stage presence. She spoke to the crowd with ease about boys, self-love and star signs, and got everyone involved with her music. The fast paced percussion and often hectic 808’s along with her vocals had a strong Ariana Grande influence. However she very much put her own swagger and spin on her music.

The third and final support artist was Basenji, who also worked with Mallrat on her newest song Nobody’s Home. Basenji played a wide mix of genres, from ambient and at times orchestrally influenced build ups, all the way to hard house beats. He had everyone singing along to his well known songs such as Mistakes featuring Tkay Maidza, and then dancing to his much heavier club style songs. It was a great mix of songs that had everyone hyped up and on edge waiting for Mallrat by the end.

The crowd became quite restless in the 15 minutes it took for Mallrat to come onto the stage, but when she did she was met with an eruption of applause. She opened her set with her song Inside Voices which sounded great but unfortunately during this and her next song, it seemed she was having some issues with her in-ear monitors. Luckily she still sung really well and the problem seemed to be resolved for the rest of the set. It was just my luck that I found myself behind two of the tallest ladies at the show and there was no way my short ass could see past them! Fortunately, I was able to move to the side as the show progressed and the crowd moved.

During the set she invited another musician onto stage to play a few acoustic versions of her songs as well as an amazing cover of the Billie Eilish song Bellyache. She performed Bunny Island by Oh Boy, a very energetic song she featured on, which had her spinning around the stage to the high BPM music. Her DJ (DJ Denim) also came out the front for parts of the set to dance and get in on the fun with her.

The crowd was incredible; it seemed everyone there knew all the words as they sang/yelled them back at Grace, who quite often held the mic out to the audience. The deafening applause after every song were some of the loudest I have heard, especially for the size of the venue! Hearing her new song Nobody’s Home live also made me appreciate it a lot more. The synth that follows her vocals in the pre-chorus resinated through the whole venue, giving me chills every time and making me love the song more than I already did. It was also amazing to hear her other big songs Groceries, UFO, and Better live for the first time after being a fan and listening to them for months on Spotify. She ended her set with her banger Uninvited. The whole crowd was singing along and jumping to the entire song, but specifically the synth heavy “Get me off the list” section which ended her set on a very high note!

The gig was mixed really well and the balance between Mallrat’s vocals and the music was really clean. The lighting added an important element to the show but wasn’t too overpowering. This suited the aesthetic of her music well and allowed Mallrat to make the show a lot more intimate with her fans. I’ve always loved the mix of acoustic instruments and electronic instruments Grace brings to her music and while it sounded really good, after hearing the acoustic songs she did I would love to see her incorporate more live instruments into her shows in the future rather than pre-recorded ones; it would create a much larger sound, particularly on bigger stages. That being said she still sounded amazing and put on an incredible energetic show which I would definitely see again!