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Five Adelaide Artists To Check Out This Fringe


Five Adelaide Artists To Check Out This Fringe

Chloe Eckert

 Ah, it’s that time of year again. A time when you cant pass through the East End without being flyered, a time when our little slice of Heaven is covered in fairy lights, and a time when there is so much to see, but far too little time. Don’t break a sweat though - we've got your back.

Adelaide has incredible emerging artists creating new work, but with the hundreds of acts that descend on Adelaide this time of year they can get outshone by the bright lights of international acts. We want to give a spotlight to five crazy cats (well, namely two comedians, two theatre groups and a circus troupe) with huge futures ahead of them and Fringe shows that will knock your little cotton socks off.


1. Comedian: Nicholas Huntley

Nick Huntley's The Great Diptator

Image via Nicholas Huntley

Image via Nicholas Huntley

Nick Huntley in his own words...a nice guy that means well but sometimes I make mistakes. I'm only human.

Nicholas Huntley’s The Great Diptator is…a tale as old as time: one man's complicated love affair with dips. 

Fringe is important becauseto be honest it's not that important to me. What's important to me is being a good person and saving the environment.

Audiences should stampede to my show becausethey'll come. They'll laugh and they'll leave feeling good in their hearts and souls.

Fringe season meansdebauchery, hope and regret.

I’ll be checking out Adelaide acts…Whats Golden by Lewis Garnham, Duncan Turner Was an Inside Job and The Last Time I Saw Richard, it's a play staring Elizabeth Hay, who's just this phenomenal talent.

Nicholas Huntley’s The Great Diptator plays at the Cranker and The Piglet in Gluttony 22 Feb-6 March


2. Comedian: Pat McCaffrie

Don’t Watch the News, Watch Pat McCaffrie

Image via Patrick McCaffrie

Image via Patrick McCaffrie

Pat McCaffrie in his own wordsa stand-up comedian from Adelaide whose been performing for just over three years with a focus on political comedy.

Don’t Watch the News, Watch Pat McCaffrie is…my first solo fringe show! It’s a fast-paced comedic trip through some of the big political and social issues and events, of the past 12 months.

Fringe is important becauseIt’s a great opportunity for artists from different genres and locations to perform to engage audiences. It also gives performers like me an opportunity to perform for longer, and in a different context, than we would during the year.

Audiences should stampede to my show becauseif you’re someone who takes a passing interest in news and current affairs, this is a fun show that makes light of those issues, and hopefully introduces the audience to some stories they are not so familiar with. 

Fringe seasons meansToo. Much. Fun.

I’ll be checking out Adelaide acts…Nicholas Huntley’s The Great Diptator, Angus Hodge’s Guy Alone, and Leigh Qurban’s I’m Drinking About Travelling.

Don’t Watch the News, Watch Pat McCaffrie plays at the Producers Cranny 17-26 February at 7:00pm.


3. Theatre: and Cat Commander

The Last Time I Saw Richard

Brad Williams, Matt Crook, Craig Behenna and Bridget Mackey

Image via

Image via is…a theatre company that focuses on giving world premieres to the best Australian plays we can find. We are also moving more and more into using projection and other tech for storytelling because we love creating atmosphere and worlds out of empty space. 

The Last Time I Saw Richard anti rom-com with a big bite. April and Richard are thrown together in a series of hotel rooms. What could possibly go wrong?

Fringe is important because…it's a great market to present new shows to a wider crowd and to show it to producers and companies who might help us to tour it further.

Audiences should stampede to our show becauseever had problems working out where you stood with someone? Ever had one of those late-night life conversations to try to work out what the hell is going on with people? Like a bit of irony in your comedy? Thought so. This show is for you. 

Fringe season meansutter fricking chaos.

I’ll be checking out Adelaide actDuende Collective's production of Ollie and the Minotaur by Duncan Graham.

The Last Time I Saw Richard plays at The Bakehouse 16-27 February at 9pm.  


4. Theatre: Duende Collective's Ollie and the Minotaur

Laure Brenko, Dee Easton and Al Grace

Image via Duende Collective

Image via Duende Collective

Duende Collective isa company that was formed in 2009 for AC Arts graduates to focus solely on making new Australian work.

Ollie and the Minotaur is…a play by Duncan Graham. It’s a clever combination of filmic naturalism with Greek Tragedy – comedy with feminism – and anarchy with theatrical polish. It follows Thea, Bec and Carla who have gone to the beach shack for the past decade to party, but this is the year that everything will unravel.

Fringe is important gives Adelaide artists a chance to show our work to a receptive, hungry audience, and get critical feedback – this is rare in Adelaide for new, independent theatre. This is Duende’s fourth Fringe, and although the festival's growth risks swallowing the smaller operators, it's still a fab festival for engaging in the arts. Also, Fringe Club.

Audiences should stampede to our show because…We are really proud of it! It's been three years since Duende have done a show, and for us to work with Duncan's plays is a real treat. Ollie is a beautifully written, funny and tragic piece which is working in a style of super-naturalism - and has been so far thrilling audiences and receiving amazing reviews.

Fringe season meansAdrenalin and heat.

I’ll be checking out Adelaide acts...The Storm by Liam Ormsby, The Last Time I Saw Richard by Cat Commander and, and Prince Pipsqueak presented at Holden Street theatres.

Ollie and the Minotaur plays at the Perske Pavilion in the Tuxedo Cat 16-23 Feb, 9:30pm


5. Circus: Total Nonstop Tricks

Mark, Josh, Dylan, Hamish and Margot

Image via Total Nonstop Tricks

Image via Total Nonstop Tricks

We are…a group coming from Adelaide’s Cirkidz who like the risk and thrill that circus brings, the constant challenges that are thrown at us and the excitement that performing brings.

Total Nonstop Tricks is…an upbeat, energetic, action-packed show. Our show combines creative juggling, modern acrobatics, tumbling and Hip Hop dance.

Fringe is important becauseit’s an amazing experience. It allows us to do what we love the most – perform for amazing audiences, watch incredible shows and meet inspiring artists.

Audiences should stampede to our show becausein 45 minutes, we will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s jam-packed with high-level skills and fun.

Fringe season means…creativity, chaos and fun.

I’ll be checking out Adelaide actthe incredible A Simple Space by Gravity and Other Myths.

Total Nonstop Tricks plays at The Empyrean in Gluttony, 19 Feb-13 March at 5:30pm


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