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Adelaide Fashion Festival Recap


Adelaide Fashion Festival Recap

jenny qian

The glitz and glamour of the Adelaide Fashion Festival (AFF) presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide & Unley has just ended. Let’s recap some of the main events during the intense five-day program. 

Paolo Sebastian

Adelaide fashion lovers will always be starry-eyed for fashion designer, Paolo Sebastian and his ethereal designs. For the first time ever, Sebastian opened AFF with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. With the Autumn/Winter 2018-19 couture collection inspired by the Nutcracker, the audience’s ears were blessed with classical sounds of Tchaikovsky. Think of the story of the Nutcracker—some models wore structured military tailoring resembling the nutcracker doll itself, juxtaposed with softer silhouettes on the bottom-half, resembling ballerinas—and others wore feminine gowns with intricate details reminding us that Christmas is approaching with the snowflake details. There is always a dreamlike element in Sebastian’s work that tricks you into thinking you’re living in a fairy-tale. Overall, it was an astounding collection.

The SA Designer Showcase

When people talk about fashion in Adelaide, people only really know about Paolo Sebastian. However, once you dig a little deeper, you will realise that the fashion scene is flourishing, with many long-standing and new-coming favourites. Presented by Spendless Shoes, this event showcased local talent in Adelaide, and highlighted how innovative this little city can be. The show was sectioned into four sections—activewear, contemporary, femme fatale and resort. Throughout the show, Matrix-style thin sunglasses, bum-bags, and over-the-top headpieces were featured, highlighting the contemporary trends currently in fashion. Most importantly, it was such a treat to witness the amount of support Adelaide has for its designers. It’s always nice for the local community to create cool things and then come together to celebrate such achievements.

Aje and Acler
Aje and Acler are two of the main Australian brands making waves in the fashion industry. Adelaide’s own Acler, and industry innovators Aje presented their latest collections, showcasing contemporary every fashion blogger dreams about. The event was split into two shows, with a short interval in between where the audience could mingle and share their enthusiasm and take pictures in their stunning outfits.

For its 10th anniversary, Aje collaborated with Australian artist, the late Brett Whiteley, printing his infamous art on the detailed structured pieces. The collection features five of Whitley’s most recognised works, such as Woman in Bath (1963) my favourite, A Starry Night (1982) printed onto silk, leather, and other luxurious fabrics. Printing and colouration on textiles is a tricky process hard to successfully execute. Fortunately, Aje maintained the late artist’s integrity with flawless high-quality printing. With a colour palette of warm mustards, navy and baby blue, the show was a sight for sore eyes.

Acler’s dramatic start to the show had every audience member captivated in an instance. As the runway lights lit up one by one, the first model strutted down in a vibrant magenta gown, setting the tone of the show. The runway was littered with voluminous silhouettes, featuring unique patterns and vibrant colours. Models also sported futuristic spectacles by Peter Coombs Eyewear. Needless to say, every fashion blogger was looking online to buy a pair shortly after the show.

Overall Thoughts

Its been a busy week for many Adelaidian fashion lovers and finally, the models, event managers, and designers can rest up and recharge. The Adelaide Fashion Festival not only allowed creatives to showcase their talented work, but also let others who are curious about what the fashion industry in South Australia has to offer. Fashion is luxurious and a lot of the times high-end, creating a cliquey and closed-off perception for outsiders. Going to the shows and chatting with others who work for fashion in Adelaide, it is evident that everyone is very passionate and welcoming in the community.

If you’d like to see more from Paolo Sebastian at #AFF18, head to our gallery here.

Photo by Dave Rubinich

Photo by Dave Rubinich