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Hot Dub Time Machine AKA DJ Tom Loud talks about Adelaide and Wine Machine


Hot Dub Time Machine AKA DJ Tom Loud talks about Adelaide and Wine Machine

Harrison Schultz

A good DJ can make any night enjoyable, but a great DJ can make a night memorable - and that’s exactly what Hot Dub Time Machine delivers. With his unique countdown style shows, Hot Dub Time Machine AKA DJ Tom Loud (Tom Lowndes) has been producing shows which music punters around the world have learned to love. Taking the best music from the 60’s all the way to the present days, his unique show gives a sample of iconic songs. This year Hot Dub Time Machine will make a return to Adelaide for the McLaren Vale Wine Machine this December = the perfect excuse to let your hair down and party.

Tom has been visiting Adelaide with his Hot Dub Time Machine show for nearly eight years now, first performing the show at the Adelaide Fringe in 2012.

Tom said the first show he performed here sold around 20 tickets but the show was quick to build momentum and following this every show performed at the Adelaide Fringe was sold out.

“I did the Fringe for four years and then I started playing at the Thebby which is one of my favourite venues in the world,” Tom said.

However, after three years of throwing some of the best parties the Thebby has ever seen there was need for change and that was when the idea of Wine Machine emerged.

“We thought, well what could we do? And we thought well we could take it to some of the legendary wine areas around and McLaren Vale and Serafino were top of the list so we started Wine Machine.”

“We fell in love with the area, the atmosphere, we fell in love with taking the party outside and getting other acts involved.”

Tom added that when Wine Machine first started, many people assumed that only “baby-boomers” were interested in partaking music events in vineyards. However, the idea of offering a festival that is drastically different proved to be incredibly popular.

As it turns out, South Australia isn’t the only place which loves the whole countdown style show.

The Hot Dub Time Machine show has traveled all around Australia, and even internationally. One glance at the Hot Dub Instagram page provides a decent insight to just how big the show has become.

The creation of the Hot Dub show first came about when Tom realised that a lot of people in the dance-music industry were taking it all too seriously and wanted to find a way which was all about enjoyment.

“I just wanted to make something that tells people that this is the best night of their life and something that is fun and doesn’t take its self too seriously,” said Tom.

Now, instead of taking shows too seriously, Tom has found a way to enjoy each show; and no matter what mood he is in prior to the show, he can always count on one group of people to help liven his mood: the people in the front row.

“There’s always a group of people down at the front row dancing and having fun. Seeing those people sharing their love and enthusiasm.”

Wine Machine will be held at Serafino Wines in McLaren Vale on Saturday, December 7.

To keep up to date with everything Wine Machine and to find tickets check out the Facebook event page.

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Photo: Pat Stevenson