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Gigging for Good with Oxjam


Gigging for Good with Oxjam

Natalie Carfora

Running since 2006, Oxjam is a global night of gigs for a good cause. Entertaining some one million punters, Oxjam Adelaide is embracing local live music and engaging with all of us about one of their projects. This year, the focus is on food and climate. 

When we think about climate change, our attention goes straight to the rising temperatures and sea levels. I mean it’s there in the name, it’s the obvious place to direct our attention. However as the chances are higher than ever that we will be experiencing changing climate within the next few decades, it’s time to start paying attention to the other parts of our lives that will be impacted.

Food and climate is one of Oxfam Australia’s key areas of focus. When there is extreme weather, extreme hunger will follow. With a changing climate and unexpected weather patterns, we are not sure yet what to expect when it comes to Australian agriculture. Land degradation is likely, higher temperatures and less rain will likely yield less crops. It’s a frightening future.

But what can we do about it?

Oxfam have been working on this one for some time. On Friday the 20th of September, Oxjam is packing out the Lion Arts Factory and inviting all of you to come boogie. This year, the line up includes Neon Tetra, Oscar the Wild, and Annita.

We all need to start doing what we can to embrace sustainable energies and to work on building resilience now in the face of worsening weather conditions to come. A place to start is supporting Oxfam’s work and having a boogie at Oxjam while you do so.