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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Dope Lemon is an absolute Big Smooth Cat.


Dope Lemon is an absolute Big Smooth Cat.

Cale Matthews

Look, I don’t know what the cowboys of the wild west used to listen to as they trudged their way across the great plains of Texas, but I doubt it was too dissimilar to Dope Lemon’s banjo-ridden track Stonecutters.


This was the opener to a night punctuated by soulful, indie rock, country-esque sounds from Dope Lemon, who is mid-way through his first Australian tour in over 3 years. Fans of Mr. Lemon were treated to some tracks from his new album Big Smooth Cat.

Dope Lemon’s first album, Honey Bones, bagged over 100 million streams since it’s 2016 release, and this new album promises more of these silky smooth tunes.

With band members decked out in creamy jackets and Angus in his iconic black jacket and cowboy hat, the crowd at HQ was treated to a mix of old and new songs. Angus gave us some insight into some of his tunes, but the softly spoken cool cat just seemed excited to be performing live once more.

Dope Lemon’s new album was recorded over 3 months at Angus Stone’s ranch out in the NSW bushland, and to be honest, there is no better setting I can envision for the recording of this album. Out in the bush, sinking beers with your mates, and recording some silky songs as you watch the sunset over some eucalypts, that sounds pretty perfect to me.

Make sure you treat your ears to Dope Lemon’s new album, and catch them live when they’re near you next.