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Angus Stone's Take On His Freshly Squeezed New Album


Angus Stone's Take On His Freshly Squeezed New Album

Cohen Pettitt

Following the release from Angus Stone’s latest project, Big Smooth Cat from Dope Lemon, is one to listen to with a whiskey in one hand and a smoke in the other. With a psychedelic hippie feel to it, it’s one that Angus explains to have been in the making for some time now. For those that couldn’t get enough of Honey Bones, gee wiz, good luck prying your headphones out while listening to Smooth Big Cat. We had a chat with Angus, who told us he is stoked to be on the road doing a few of his favourite things, drinking beers with mates, listening to tunes, shooting pool and having an old fashioned crack at enjoying the eve.

What was the inspiration behind the Dope Lemon project? 

The inspiration and why this project is so important to me is purely [because] I find it really refreshing to keep creating new things. I’m trying to find that balance constantly. I got off the road and wanted to just create in my own space on this one - it worked out well. 

 What is the meaning behind the album name, Smooth Big Cat?

A big part of what this record is, is the smooth big cat himself and his story. He's a fictional character in one of the songs on the record. He’s this sort of illusive character that lives on the property. The property where I made the record, where I live. His story doesn’t have stakes in worrying about all the nonsense in the world. He’s a cool cat ..he just likes staying up late having a drink and listening to old records. He shows up when you need to mellow out and take a step back in life. He represents a cool thing. His character from the song almost became this totem for the record - when I listen to the record I think of what he stands for. So it became the title of the record.


What’s life on the road like with Dope Lemon compared to the Angus & Julia Stone shows? 

They’re both epic! Family vibes and party times always.


What did you want to be growing up? 

We grew up in a sailing family. My grandparents built their own yacht and sailed around the world. Guess that was always in my blood and I am looking forward to the days where I can get more involved in being on the water.  

What are your favourite songs to perform live? Any from the new album you’re particularly excited to perform for the first time at Splendour & sideshows?

I’d say the centre piece and something we magnetised to when making the record was a song called Salt & Pepper. It’s one of those songs that just sizzles and makes you drop into a very melty zone. I’m excited to play that for sure.

What’s a day in the life like when you’re not on tour?

Drinking beers with mates, listening to tunes, shooting pool, and having an old fashioned crack at enjoying the eve.

Thanks for chatting with us Angus, we can’t wait to hear some of these songs live!

Check out Dope Lemon’s new album Smooth Big Cat here.