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Flip-Side Festival Returns


Flip-Side Festival Returns

Isabella Carbone


“If we don’t support our own artists, then who will?”

Ahead of Flip-Side Festival next weekend on the 6th and 7th of July, organisers Susan and Timothea talked to us about supporting local artists, making creative spaces and active engagement with art.

In the lead up to the festival, they acknowledge that it is important to support Adelaidian artists and local arts festivals outside of Mad March.

“We have some of the best talent brewing in our own city,’ says Susan, “and festivals are a great platform to expose that talent to an audience that might not have had an opportunity to see it otherwise.”

“Going to a huge touring festival with big name artists is an undeniably great time, but I would argue that we have talent here that’s on a par with those big names. When we acknowledge this fact and support our artists, it builds Adelaide up as a creative space and gives more opportunities to do great things.”

Timothea says that the idea behind Flip-Side Festival was “to create an experience that goes beyond seeing bands and looking at art.”

The lineup includes local music legends playing a range of genres including punk, psychedelic to experimental.

Timothea and Susan have also curated a visual arts exhibition with UV paint, DJs, projection art, DIY clay boobs and fire twirling. The DIY element is important to the festival, with the chance to create your own artworks during the festival.

 “We’re all about experiencing the world of art through interactivity and immersion,” says Timothea.

“It’s our dream that people will leave the event feeling inspired to make art or pick up a guitar for the first time or dance a crazy jig - whatever floats their boats.”

DOTS POTS will be a highlight of the event according to Timothea, providing visitors the chance to create their very own tit pottery.

The festival celebrates gender diversity and features a lineup heavy with female identifying artists.

“It’s exciting to be part of something that might contribute to future generations of young girls believing that it’s completely acceptable to be an artist or a musician who can play any genre of music they wish,” says Susan.

Part of the proceeds will go towards the not-for-profit youth organisation Girls Rock! Adelaide. Susan says that it was a no-brainer to support the initiative. 

“I can’t think of a greater cause for this event other than Girls Rock! They are giving girls the skills and confidence to be loud and who they want to be.”

For more information click here, for tickets sales click here.

Header via Flip-Side Festival Facebook.