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Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: SHAKE IT


Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: SHAKE IT

Isabella Carbone

SHAKE IT is the variety burlesque show of dreams, it’s great for those looking for a more unconventional burlesque show and is a great sample of what Gluttony has on offer this Fringe season.

Burlesque is best enjoyed with the buzz of wine courtesy of Vine Bar and allow yourself to indulge in a voyeuristic show of sequins, feathers and acrobatics.

Flavella L’Amour opens the night, whilst she is renowned for her snake dance in SHAKE IT she keeps it traditional with feather fan work to die for.

Bubblegum Bitch offers something I never thought I would see: vagina-propelled bubble gum balls (amongst other impressive tricks). Don’t worry though, it’s still safe to take your mother to, and she would definitely get a good chuckle out of this set.

If a David Bowie tribute show and a circus show had a love child, it would be named Rebel and that is exactly what you get a taste of as apart of SHAKE IT. Expect air acrobatics, roller blades, spandex, and more neon makeup than you can poke a bedazzled garter at.

Have you ever found yourself wanting an insight into the inner monologue of a burlesque star, then look no further than the saucy, sultry and Memphis Mae. Part comedy, part honed and skilled strip tease, this act will have you audibly laughing as much as you are cheering at her disrobing.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Adam Malone is unmissable. In case the preceding acts have not enticed you enough, picture this: hula hoop acrobatics performed in a tightey-whitey g-string. That’s all.  

Victoria Wolfe’s luxe lace act brings the glamour of burlesque into a modern age. Her act will intrigue and entertain you.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Guest MC’d by Idris Stanton from WHAM GLAM CIRCUS MAN! who completed the host requirement of warming up the crowd. His cutting wit is unafraid to call out the crowd, and if you’re a fan of circus and rock outfits (see ACDC and KISS) definitely have a mosey over and check out their act also in Gluttony.

Stars: 4.5/5

Tickets: $27/$22

Header courtesy of Adelaide Fringe