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Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: SEPTEM


Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: SEPTEM

Georgia Brass

A short and sharp piece of theatre that realistically shows the true nature of humans when faced with ultimate life or death, SEPTEM is a deep, dark, deftly directed, designed, and performed play, produced by Eclipse Productions.


The script written by Hazel Hayes and Sammy Paul tells the story of seven strangers placed in a room and asked to decide in 30 minutes which of them will take the single pill placed before them; the survivors share in substantial fame and fortune, but no decision leads to the whole group’s death. It is a unique, bite-sized yet heavy dystopian tale with an excellent twist, that sufficiently builds characters and engages the audience. These aforementioned characters are performed skilfully by the cast, whose nuanced portrayals contrast and complement one another well. It’s truly a strong ensemble piece, stemmed from the equally strong direction by Benjamin Johnson, who embraced the small stage space of the Bakehouse Theatre Studio to create intimacy and intensity between the actors. SEPTEM’s costumes, set, props were timeless, demonstrating how this story could take place at any time or place. The intense lighting and sound were also used really effectively to evoke mood.

Overall, SEPTEM was an impressive amateur theatre performance that really provoked the audience to consider what their own decision would be, should they ever find themselves in such a situation as presented, and implied that perhaps this reality is not impossible, nor in a too distant future.

Rating: 4/5 stars


SEPTEM’s season has now ended with the conclusion of Adelaide Fringe 2019. For further information on Eclipse Productions, visit their Facebook page.


Thumbnail image via Adelaide Fringe website