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Adelaide Fringe ’19 Review: Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents


Adelaide Fringe ’19 Review: Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents

Isabella Carbone

After sexing up bars across New York, Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents have returned home for the 2019 Fringe season.

You may know them form their previous show Honey Pot, but this is not traditional burlesque. This is a professional contemporary dance show accompanied by jazz with the element of strip tease incorporated into a saucy set.

Fafi D’Alour herself has been trained in ballet, jazz and Latin dance; returning every year to the United States to retrain and hone her skills. Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents is “trained technical dancers building technical based productions”. However, Fafi is a self-taught burlesque queen and all the acts are based around the traditional component of sex appeal and tease that underlays all burlesque.

Supported on stage by ‘the Delinquents’, consisting of Penelope Shum and Desert Rose, Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents is an all-female cast and production. At the commencement of the performance ‘By Ourselves’ by Blood Orange plays, a very deliberate move from Fafi who is all about empowering women.

Jazz graduate of ‘The Con’ at the University of Adelaide Eliza Dickson provides musical accompaniment with her pipes and a dash of delightful comedy spattered throughout the performance.

The show has moved to the recently opened Sparkke at the Whitmore, the first brewhouse for female-founded and run company Sparkke. Here, you can purchase their socially conscious cans of beer and hard lemonade direct on tap.

For a glamourous night out on the town, consider heading downtown and catching Fafi D’Alour and the Delinquents this weekend.

Rating: 4/5 stars
Tickets: $31/25

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