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Chatting To Trenton Woodley From Hands Like Houses


Chatting To Trenton Woodley From Hands Like Houses

Harrison Schultz

If you’ve been watching Hands Like Houses for the last few years, then you would know that they’re a bloody brilliant band with an amazing sound.

However, if you haven’t been watching them that closely… well you would still likely know how brilliant they are. In 2018 alone, they were doing huge things. They started off the year with a bang, playing Unify Festival, took their album Resonants on an acoustic tour, toured across North America, released a new album ‘Anon.’ AND their song ‘Monster’ was named as the official theme song for WWE Super Show-Down which was held in Melbourne on October 6.

Chatting to Lead Singer Trenton Woodley about Anon, he said the songs had been written about a year before they started they recording process.

“It was a drawn out process but it was nice and relaxed - so we were writing songs for a while, trying to figure out how those songs fit together (and) trying to get a sense for what was coming out organically and then use that as the foundation.”

Through the process of jamming together and bouncing off one another’s ideas at Trenton’s studio (yeah, he has his own home studio - ‘drools at the thought of the amazing music being recorded there’) the album eventually took shape of ‘Anon.’

“I think Sick was the first song that kind of felt like we could do an album around and so that song became the catalyst for the songs that came after that.”

Trenton also revealed that the inspiration behind the song Sick, actually came from a Sam Smith song when he was sitting down, listening to the radio at a train station one day.

After humming along, he had soon started humming a completely different melody but with a similar feel to the Sam Smith song and originally planned to keep the melody for himself.

“As I was kinda nutting it out over the next couple of weeks, I realised that a demo that we had actually recorded six months prior, the guitar line in particular really fit the chorus and then I started seeing how I could reshape the song to fit the demo.”

While we haven’t been able to choose a favourite from the album, Trenton said he really enjoyed Half-Hearted and (you guessed it, the very song we can’t stop talk about) Sick.

“Sick is one of my favourite songs off the record because it’s such an anthem - it’s always had such a cool feel too it, I love the sarcasm, I love the drive and I guess that tongue in cheek attitude of it.

“Half-hearted was the grunginess of it, it’s a really intimate song, especially vocally.

“There was a couple of moments in there where I hit it, I was like “Yep, that’s the take.””

Despite Hands Like Houses huge year, Trenton said that while they’ve had a few amazing moments the band will continue to put in hard-yards and giving it there all because as a band they don’t believe they’ve reached peak just yet.


In anticipation for the tour, Hands Like House have also dropped a new music video for their song Sick, have a suss of the video below - we’d probably rate it an ‘I’d go to their upcoming show/10’.

Hands Like Houses will be visiting Adelaide on Friday, February 22 and they're bring Ocean Grove along for the good times.

For tickets click this link HERE.

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