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Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: Honest


Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: Honest

Sebastian Moore

Honest, written by DC Moore and directed by Jason Langley, is an intriguing one man show which resembles the strange, uncomfortable, sometimes illuminating experience of listening to the ramblings of a drunk stranger at a bar.

The man at its centre, David – performed engagingly by Matthew Hyde – regales us with anecdotes about his tedious office job in between shots of vodka and swigs of beer. David is a 30-something public servant utterly discontent with the state of the world as well as himself, and his ramblings reveal truths both witty and depressing. It’s easy to identify with his restlessness, but what makes Honest more compelling than the average pub rant is the way it looks inward and emerges as a story of personal crisis.

The show was performed at the Treasury Bar on King William Street and the room it takes place in is just intimate enough for the audience to feel instantly engaged in the experience. It becomes increasingly compelling as David grows more belligerent and less sure of what exactly his anger should be directed towards.

The spareness of the show’s presentation is crucial to its effect, allowing for its script – which is seamless in its conversational flow – and its star to meld together into something as clear and confrontational as its title would suggest.

Rating: 3.5/5

Honest was reviewed on February 20 and can be seen Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm until March 3 at Treasury 1860, 144 King William Street. Tickets are available for purchase at

Thumbnail image via Adelaide Fringe website.