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Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: Naked Truth


Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: Naked Truth

Georgia Brass

“Talk can be dressed up in lies, but the truth is always naked” is the tagline audiences are greeted with for this experiential event. This sentence perfectly encapsulates the intention behind Naked Truth, a brave, bold, and bare work devised by Scottish performance artist Vendetta Vain.

Here is the concept: A single audience member enters a colourful, polar bear topped shipping container deep in the bowels of Gluttony, to sit with a naked Vain to discuss whatever they want without judgement or censure for 20 minutes. Vain devised this show after a break-up when she was told she’d be missed for her ‘naked therapy’. This made her consider the idea of vulnerability and how sex, therapy, and confession are where we are most vulnerable, and are outlets most needed by humans due to this opening of ourselves…but ironically, are three practices that are most taboo. In this, Vain decided to combine all three into a show and see just how truthful people can be with a total (and totally nude) stranger. Having launched the piece in Liverpool and toured it, she has come to the Adelaide Fringe for the first time, keen to see what Australian audiences have to share with her.

From my experience, Vain is friendly, relaxed, and candid, and through these qualities, makes her audience feel at ease from hello to goodbye. She’s an excellent listener, great advice giver, and genuinely interesting person to meet and discuss her work with. Our interaction was enjoyable and somewhat meaningful, as I took away some valuable insights from her that will stay with me for a long time.

So Naked Truth is a very different kind of Fringe ‘show’. It’s not entertainment, it’s an experience. You aren’t being performed at, you’re being spoken to and invited to share in return. And it’s not particularly special, but has the potential to be special in its own particular way, depending on the person. It’s not necessary viewing, but a nice niche option if you’re wanting something different, wanting to kill some time between shows, or wanting a cool conversation piece for upcoming parties. Naked Truth is not by any means a show for perves or prudes, but for those open-minded, respectful Fringe-goers looking for something unique, intimate, and if approached correctly, cathartic experience.

Rating: 3/5 stars 

Naked Truth was reviewed on the 16th of February, and will be showing on Wednesdays-Sundays until the 17th of March at numerous times at Gluttony. For tickets or further information, click here.

Thumbnail via Adelaide Fringe website