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Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: Love/Hate Actually


Adelaide Fringe '19 Review: Love/Hate Actually

Georgia Brass

In today’s world of entertainment, there are films that unite us and films that divide us; Love Actually is such a film. So much so, two best friends from Brisbane (Amy and Natalie of Act/React) have written a duo show about how one of them (Amy) loves, and the other (Natalie) hates this ensemble Christmas flick, and spend an hour animatedly arguing both their cases to their audience and at the show’s conclusion, ask for their verdict on whether it is the ultimate rom-com or ultimately rubbish. Self proclaimed ‘part double act, part film lecture’ Love/Hate Actually is a well considered and delivered comedy show(down) about the beloved British blockbuster.

Love/Hate Actually has all the ingredients needed for a solid Fringe show. An elaborate PowerPoint, homemade and Home Brand costumes, sound effects, audience interaction, and endless references to the film in question itself (yes, there are screenshots, signs and singing). And of course, very vivacious performers; Amy and Natalie’s energy combined with their evidently strong friendship is what really makes the show. While their individual performances were at times a little overplayed, their effort was endearing. All these elements together powerfully persuade the audience to pick a side, but also see them splitting their sides with laughter at the parody of it all. I, a loyal annual viewer of this movie, walked in a strong advocate for Amy’s argument, but walked out with acknowledgement that Natalie’s stance was also very valid, and with aching cheeks from smiling too much.

Love Actually is a film that both unites and divides, and this show showcases this perfectly. While the arguable quality of the film is what divides these friends (and many of us in the wider world), it also unites them (and us) in discussion every year at Christmas and every night at showtime. And really, that’s what it’s all about eh? All up, Love/Hate Actually is a sweet, cheesy and funny experience, much like the film it’s based around – I highly recommend this show to anyone with a passionate opinion about the movie, positive or negative!

Rating: 3.5 stars

Love/Hate Actually was reviewed on the 16th of February and is playing until the 24th of February at 8:15pm at Live from Tandanya - The Third Space. For tickets and further information, click here.

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