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Review: Vale Brewery & Fox Hat New Summer Brews


Review: Vale Brewery & Fox Hat New Summer Brews

Caitlin Ellen

Ah summer… It’s well and truly upon us. And there’s nothing more Australian than cracking open a beer and drinking away the dry heat. There’s nothing more South Australian than doing so with an SA brew.

In the endless sea of South Australian beers, Fox Hat and Vale Brewery have released two contenders to add to your summer sipping list. In the company of 40 degree heat, a bunch of SA enthusiasts filled Twenty Third on Melbourne St to get a first taste.

From Vale Brewing is the Tropic Ale; an oh so easy to drink pale ale coming in at 4.2%. From it’s gorgeous spring yellow colour to the delicious tropical and summer stone fruits, there’s nothing to dislike about this beer. Fruits such as pineapple and mango pair well with juicy hop flavours. It’s the perfect brew for a hot summer’s day, whether you’re crackin’ a cold one in the middle of the day in your back lawn, or out in the beer garden with your mates.

From Fox Hat is something a little heavier; an Xtra Pale Ale with a whopping 5.6% alcohol level. This brew has a beautifully deep gold colour that makes it stand out. You’d be the envy of all with this beer in hand. Heavy in weight, alcohol level, and flavour, it’ll raise your eyebrows from the very first sip. Strong and spicy, the Xtra Pale Ale is a beer that deserves all the time in the world… But do drink with caution as it does have a bit of a kick.

With two South Australian beers coming out of a South Australian spirit bar, there was no end to the love of SA in that room. Angelo Kotses, the Managing Director at Bickford’s, championed that love in a speech, informing us all that South Australia is a little more than 7% of the population and we over-deliver on everything that we do. From award winning coffee to globally ranked gin, there’s no end to what this state can do and achieve. There was a strong confidence of making the best and conquering the world with it.

As you’re picking your drink to chase away the summer heat, make it South Australian. We’ve got some of the best beer in the world and Vale Brewery and Fox Hat added two more to that list.