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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Hockey Dad @ HQ Complex


Hockey Dad @ HQ Complex

Kate Sansome

If you’re yet to hop onto the Hockey Dad bandwagon, then you’re missing out! Although the laid back, sun-soaked surf-rock vibes have been dominating the Triple J airways of late, it is no denying that Hockey Dad are front runners of this genre. The lads have been absolutely killing it since the release of their album Blend Inn, and if their sold out show at HQ is anything to go by, then we can only expect the Hockey Dad domination to continue.

Although I have seen the Hockey Dad boys a couple of times before, I was surprised at how young the all-ages crowd actually was. I found myself reminiscing of being 16 and waiting hours and hours out the front of the venue to make sure me and my friends were right up the front. I am sure that for some punters, this was their first ever gig.


As TOTTY took to the stage, it did feel that the crowd was split in two, with some members only there for Hockey Dad whilst others were excited to see the support act perform. The band delivered a noisy and rowdy set but it fell flat with an audience that weren’t really keen to see them play.

Next up was Tiny Little Houses. As someone who loves Tiny Little Houses, I was once again, a bit disappointed in the crowd as they were obviously not interested in listening to anyone play except for Hockey Dad. In retrospect, I don’t believe Tiny Little Houses were the most suitable support act, especially when their tracks don’t exactly ooze a Friday night party vibe. Despite this, the band brought their unique, lo-fi sound, filled with melancholic lyrics that could spin anyone into an existential crisis.


Finally, it was the moment the crowd was waiting for… and Hockey Dad took to the stage. The crowd were absolutely frothing the Windang lads and sung along to every word. The boys delivered so much energy, with vocalist Zach Stephenson absolutely killing it on guitar. They played a bunch of hits that had the crowd in an absolute frenzy, with Seaweed, I Wanna Be Everybody and Join The Club, just to name a few. You kind of forget how many hits the boys have smashed out over the past few years. The Hockey Dad boys finished off the evening with Sweet Release and So Tired, leaving behind a sweaty and chaotic mess.

All images by Dave Rubinich