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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Good Doogs & Towns @ Rocket Bar


Good Doogs & Towns @ Rocket Bar

Imogen Hindson

Following Good Doogs release of their latest single, ‘So Dumb’, the Perth based trio have taken Australia by storm on a national tour. Stopping over in Adelaide, there were shoeys, push pits and beers galore. Supported by Adelaide bands Unknown Locals and TOWNS, this high energy night was a pleasure to witness.

Opening act Unknown Locals were an impressive introduction to the night. The garage rock band got the crowd moving with hard-hitting vocals with a grunty, heavier sound in comparison to the light-hearted, surf-rock to follow. A change of tone was felt throughout the room when the Adelaide boys played their heavier debut single, ‘Strange Addiction’, an impressive track that makes me think they are a band we should be keeping a close eye on.

Check out Unknown Locals on Spotify here and Triple J Unearthed here.

After the release of their new EP ‘Television’, I was excited to see the dynamic duo TOWNS in action. Perfecting the combination of melodic and upbeat alternative rock, they challenged the audience in ways I didn’t expect. Opening with their deeper, emotive ‘Hush’ from their newly released EP, TOWNS effortlessly slid into their more upbeat ‘World Wind’. This transition did their new release justice, and highlighted just how well their EP works not just as individual tracks, but as a whole. The peak of their set was undoubtedly smashing a shoey before the high energy ‘Sun’, and the crescendo into their well-loved ‘I Don’t Mind’. Their wholesome set and energetic presence left a great impression in preparation for their EP Tour, and I can’t wait to see them again.

Check out TOWNS' new EP on Spotify here
If you want to see these wholesome boys, you can do so on September 29th at the Exeter Beer Garden, for more info click here.

Starting their animated set off right, Good Doogs lept into their first track ‘Dollar for a Durry’. Their set was consistent with their surf rock roots, and the body-moving, Californian vibes thrilled the crowd.  Catchy riffs and memorable lyrics was the centre of their appeal, which was apparent in the many fingers pointing, hair flicks, and beers spilt. Their new release ‘Want That’ was different than what I had imagined live; it was better. Their new release plays live really well, and was the perfect lead into the boys’ infamous ‘Nothing to Do’. As the trio passed enthusiastic grins between each other, the crowd frothed over every lyric (and with good reason).

When chatting with Good Doogs later in the evening, they stated that although Perth and Adelaide have similar music scenes, they always feel at home in our little city. That statement couldn’t be more true when you observed the love that fans had for Good Doogs throughout their set. Initially, I had no idea what to expect from watching Good Doogs live, but I was impressed by their wild stage presence and ability to bring their recorded tracks to life in a way that bettered the originals. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed having a boogie and a beer and falling into the world of Good Doogs.  

Catch Good Doogs' new release here.

My favourite parts of the night: Good Doogs wearing a TOWNS’ shirt, drummer Michael Grainger’s hyped grin, 2x birthday songs, and “this is Wonderwall”.

Rating: 4/5