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Isabella Carbone

In the wake of the release of their debut album Different Beings Being Different, seven-piece rock powerhouse West Thebarton hosted a homecoming gig at The Gov to cap off their nationwide tour.

Opening the night up was the indie outfit Wing Defence, Triple J Unearthed’s featured artist of last week, and they certainly proved that they’re one to watch. Their debut single ‘Stuck’ is out now, and you can catch them next at Scouted festival. Stork has had a phenomenal run and their set was no exception, winning over more than a few fans in the audience.

After a wholly enthusiastic endorsement from a customer at my work I had high expectations for Pist Idiots. Their self-described “suburban drunk rock” has more heart in it than most lad bands that are on the airwaves at the moment. I was blown away, and thanks to this, they have clearly amassed a passionate following.

As is standard at a West Thebarton gig, the crowd was writhing and bouncing off the walls to hard hitting riffs courtesy of four guitars that graced the stage, tight percussion supplied by drummer Caitlin Thomas and the gravelly tones of lead singer Reverend Ray. 

‘Bible Camp’ from their debut album was a clear favourite, with beer-fuelled singalongs and punters arms around each other. We were even treated for the “last time” to a live performance of their praised Like a Version cover of Florence + the Machine’s ‘You’ve Got the Love’.

West Thebarton closed the night by launching into ‘Moving Out’ an ode to share house life, and love letter to the western suburbs, the spirit of 5031 encapsulated in “fuck the East man / the West is the best”.

West Thebarton are one of the best local live bands on the scene, and if you manage to grab tickets to one of their shows, you are guaranteed to have a good time. With more gigs coming up at festivals across Europe, the only way is up for West Thebarton. Next time they’re in town, be sure to sling a couple of beers, head out and support the local gig scene.

Suss their album Different Beings Being Different now on Spotify.

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Head image via Facebook