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Chatting With That Movie Guy AKA Marc Fennell


Chatting With That Movie Guy AKA Marc Fennell

Harrison Schultz

He’s interviewed huge names, controversial names and some incredible everyday humans, now Marc Fennell AKA That Movie Guy is set to visit Hybrid World in Adelaide on July 22, to deliver talks on both podcasting and interviewing. Of course, we couldn’t wait for Sunday, so we gave Marc a call to ask him about people, his interview, and top tips for interviewing big names.

Over his time spent interviewing people, Marc has had numerous intense interviews with famous names, when we asked him about how he goes about this Mark said the key to interviewing a very, very famous person is to just treat them as a normal person.

“What I like to do is, I go in there and think about what is it that, that person wants to get out of this interview. 

When someone sits down its normally because they have something new to release and they have to but when they sit down, what is it that want to be seen as? Smart? Funny? Clever?

You need to frame question in a way that they are most likely to give you the best response too,” he said.

One of these big interviews was with William Shatner, shortly after the death of his third wife.

We got talking about substance abuse and he had this weirdly indefinable sadness about him, we were talking about his career and stuff like that but I sensed there was this sadness permeating through. I asked him about his wife and I asked him “When did you realise that you couldn’t save her (from alcoholism)? Which he replied: On our wedding night?”

It is this ability to get interviewees to open-up comfortably and share that makes Marc such a talented journalist.

This ability has also come in handy for Marc when interviewing musicians, instead of purely asking questions about the music they are about to release, he also likes to ask them about what makes tick. Something that record companies have now started to realise is a key element in getting audiences to truly appreciate the music an artist is putting out.

If you would like to hear Marc talk more about interviews he has worked on over the years, or for more advice on both interviews and podcasts, be sure to head along to Hybrid World this weekend. 

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