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Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: This Boy's In Love


Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: This Boy's In Love

Georgia Brass

Cabaret audiences don’t go to a show to be showered and sobered by deep dark dramas; put simply, cabaret audiences are just looking for a good night out where they happily stroll out of the theatre with a spring in their step from a sweet story and a tune on their tongue from a tight repertoire. Adriano Cappelletta ensures the audiences of his one-man cabaret show This Boy’s In Love experience this as they exit his excellent production.

Following the thirty-five year old gay man’s search for (and discovery of) true love, in a world of Grindr and hook-ups, this cabaret tells a hilarious, heartfelt, hopeful tale of romance that sweeps the audience off their feet. Simply it's both well written and well performed by the self-proclaimed, NIDA-trained performer that is Cappelletta. He showcases his talent in acting and clowning in his many varied expressive character portrayals, switching between each seamlessly; his talent in dancing (or Danny Zuko-ing as he puts it) in the nightclub scene; and his talent in singing in every cleverly crafted original number he belts passionately and practically flawlessly. Cappelletta’s numerous nods to Nick his pianist were amusing, and his fourth wall breaks and audience interactions were warm and witty, especially in the face of a very quiet crowd (who he had livened up in no time).

Although This Boy’s In Love had its not-for-prudes crude moments and was rife with references only the gays and gals would get, it was also full of humour, heart and issues that any audience member of any age, gender, sexuality and background could relate to. It’s a no brainer why it has been nominated for many Fringe Awards since its premiere last year, and I can see many more for it in the future. It’s a fun, feel-good piece of theatre and, luckily for #AdCabFest audiences, a guaranteed good night out which ends with a smile on your face.

Rating: 4.5/5

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