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Review: Runaway Weekend @ Rocket Bar


Review: Runaway Weekend @ Rocket Bar

Natasha Martin

While many people might have been celebrating the 4th of May binge-watching Star Wars, Runaway Weekend and friends were celebrating by blasting off at Cats at Rocket Bar. The sold-out show proved to be one of the most electric nights of the year thus far, with Pinkish Blu starting the night with a sweet set filled with powerful and loud distorted guitar and enticing vocals that complimented the emotionally saturated lyrics in the best kind of way.

The crowd was certainly warmed up by the time the second support act, The Montreals, made their appearance. These local lads were a different kind of taste to the previous punk-pop sounds earlier on in the night, but they sure didn't disappoint! A crowd favourite, especially with their radical tune 'deadheads', which brought the atmosphere in the venue to a high. Their sound is surely mind-blowing, with fast-paced guitar and extremely catchy hooks that leave you dancing till your feet are blistered to all buggery. 

The long-awaited anticipation for the night's main event was over as soon as the first drum beat and chord was played, and oh boy was it an out of this world show. Runaway Weekend could easily be compared to the likes of The 1975 and The Neighbourhood, but their new quintessential sound can't really be categorized in fairness. Members Kyle, Danny, NicPeter, and Vinnie have created a striking and melodic voice that has a fantastic mix of pop and indie rock, which is delivered in their electric and heart-pumping live performance. 

Image via Cats @ Rocket Bar

Image via Cats @ Rocket Bar

The band hit it out of the ballpark with Friday night's show, pulling out all the surprises (including a bunch of sex dolls that crowd-surfed for most of the set) that got the crowd dancing in pure ecstasy. They performed two wicked covers of 'Electric Feel' by MGMT and 'Do I Wanna Know' by Arctic Monkeys, which were like a tasty entree compared to their classic tunes 'Heartless' and 'Déjà Vu' that the audience ate up with complete bliss.

We can say in total confidence that the Runaway Weekend show at Rocket was a wild adventure that we would quite happily go on again, and we can see these locals really making it far in the music industry, well done lads. 

All images via Runaway Weekend Facebook page, Dylan Minchenberg Photography and Cats @ Rocket