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Jade Torres & A Utopia Family Affair


Jade Torres & A Utopia Family Affair

Caitlin Ellen

It’s no surprise that Jade Torres, 25 year old born and bred Adelaidian, has launched her first exhibition for Pwerle Gallery this week. Listed as one of this year’s Vogue Game Changers 2018, Torres has a long family history in the world of painting - coming from a family of globally renowned Aboriginal artists such as Minnie Pwerle, Barbara Weir, and Emily Kame Kngwarreye.


The Pwerle Gallery was started by Torres herself, launching in 2015 with the vision to evolve Aboriginal culture and art awareness. As someone who has had the privilege to grow up in such a richly inspiring culture and family, Aboriginal culture and art are very close to her heart. “Since I was a young girl, I had a paintbrush in hand and I would do everything I could to mimic what my Nannas and Aunties were painting,” she says.

It will forever be one of my most fond memories in my childhood, coming home to the driveway full of colour and such inspiration.

Torres’ childhood is filled with artistic influences from all corners of her family: from her Great Grandmother to her Grandmother to even her father. She appears to be following the footsteps of that last family member in particular. Her father, Fred Torres, is the curator and owner of Dreaming Art Centre of Utopia. “I wanted to not only achieve what he had achieved in the market over the last 30 years but modernise it in a whole new forum,” says Jade Torres.


She’s doing just that - finding a way to include a mix of mediums, such as fashion and homewares, while using social media to spread the awareness of Aboriginal art and add a touch of new to a deep family history. “Social media has given us the ability to generate such quick trends now and I want to apply that to Aboriginal art and culture. It has been part of the landscape for centuries and I want it to be ‘on trend’.”

Jade Torres, alongside her younger sister Mariah, have opened up an exhibition at One Rundle Trading Co’s Dulwich store - making them the fourth generation to the artistic Pwerle puzzle. Titled Four Generations - A Utopia Family Affair, the exhibition opened on May 10th. The exhibition includes an interpretation of the Pwerle’s dreamtime stories with ‘Aweyle Atnwengerrp’ being the predominant dreamtime. Nine artists in the family are being showcased with over 40+ works displayed.

Exhibition of Four Generations - A Utopia Family Affair will be on exhibition at One Rundle Trading Co - 20 Stuart Rd, Dulwich, from May 11th to May 20th, 2018.