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Premiere: Introducing Oliver Miller Your New Favourite Lo Fi Artist


Premiere: Introducing Oliver Miller Your New Favourite Lo Fi Artist

Jason Katsaras

Oliver Miller is an Adelaide Musician, where many may know his work through his well acclaimed band JD Gunslinger. He has just released his second solo single 'Zeitgest', and we are lucky enough to be premiering it here! Already displaying the maturity and integrity of a well-established musician, Oliver's first steps as a solo artist are impressive and daring.

"The story of this song is directly related to the one in Butler Syndrome, it’s the same characters. It’s about a love torn apart by family” - Oliver Miller

The already released 'Butler Syndrome' from last month, taking us back with simplicity; which nonetheless cultivates immense emotion and reflection. With this track we knew we were onto something great instantly. Every stroke of the guitar, every deeply personal lyric hit home with us. After 'Butler Syndrome' we've had high expectations of the follow up single, and couldn't wait to get involved in supporting this young artist. 'Zeitgest' is a track that baits you with a beautiful guitar tone before hooking you in with a driving beat, catchy melody and Oliver's honest and poignant lyrics. Listen to it via the link below, its also definitely worth keeping an eye on this up and coming artist on Facebook here.