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Film Review: Truth or Dare


Film Review: Truth or Dare

Erin Gear

Last Wednesday night Blumhouse Productions hosted a preview screening of its new horror flick Truth or Dare, starring Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale, and Teen Wolf lead Tyler Posey

Tricked into a game of truth or dare at an abandoned monastery while on Spring Break in Mexico, seven college seniors are unaware that the game is possessed and will follow them home. In true horror-style there are climactic moments which will make you jump out of your skin, though in a much more teen sleepover kind of way than Paranormal Activity. Ardent fans of the horror genre may well be disappointed with Truth or Dare for its predictability, but entertainment wise it ticks all the boxes. 

Image via

Image via

Similar in tone to the recent Happy Death Day, and a plot line similar to the Final Destination franchise, this movie does all the right things to achieve a terrifyingly enjoyable experience. My only criticism for the enjoyment of the film would be that the ending was unexpectedly abrupt. I’m just saying’, there had better be a sequel to further explain that ending... 

Much like saying Bloody Mary three times in the mirror, I will be unlikely to be playing truth or dare for a while - the movie has well and truly haunted me. 

Truth or Dare is in cinemas now, it came out on Friday the 13th (how ironic). Watch the trailer below to see what you’re getting yourself in for.