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Review: Dean Forever Debut Album Pre-launch


Review: Dean Forever Debut Album Pre-launch

Tom Johnston

On a warm night in Adelaide, The Wheatsheaf Hotel was the perfect location for the intimate launch of Dean Forever's debut album. From friends to supporters, contributors and inspirations -  everyone was invited to share in the celebration.

Panacea opened the evening with a diverse take on pop, past and present. Balancing driving motion with a delicate touch, Panacea effortlessly connected section to section. While tactfully using riffs and chord changes, it sometimes felt too textbook. As the set went on however, creativity was breathed into the music, particularly through the layered vocals and a brooding interlude. From Alabama Shakes' Gimme All Your Love to a ballad to close, they set the stage for Dean Forever's innovative pop. 

Introduced by the ever-thankful Kiah, Dean Forever's vocalist - the band started out with the first song we'd ever heard from the project, Could This Be Ok? It was more than ok, as the pop tune developed into a bass-led, ambience-filled bridge. While naturally compared to their noise-rock project It's A Hoax, with the release of an album, Dean Forever truly stands on it's own two feet. You can still hear however, the awry guitar and off-kilter vocal melodies amongst the sonically pleasing pop.

It was Jakub's rare smile that expressed the passion that's been put into the project and with synths full and bright, each instrument pointed to and lifted Kiah's voice. Between each song honesty and thankfulness abounded as we heard stories from the album and it's songs. Like a listening-party, the band members were with us in celebrating the album. Covering Broadcast's Come On Let's Go, Dean Forever too, say "what's the point in wasting time with people you'll never know - come on, let's go".

Dean Forever's self-titled debut album drops on the 15th of April. Check out their Adelaide launch here and their first single below!