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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Unsuitable


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Unsuitable

Ellie Stamelos

‘Unsuitable’ is a comedic physical theatre show, presented by Ireland’s award-winning Tumble Circus. Unsuitable’s cast is comprised of internationally renowned acrobatic/circus artists who hail from all around the globe; Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia.

As the cast emerged on stage, they stared menacingly (but jokingly) at members of audience before ramping up the energy and kicking off the show. From the second the performance started, an atmosphere of riotous energy and silliness was apparent; there was so much going on that audience members simply did not know where to look, as the performers leapt, flipped and cartwheeled across the stage floor.

The show not only featured these acrobatic feats, but also intricate aerial silk manoeuvres and a double trapeze act, both of which were impressive. Many of the cast members adopted hilarious personas, so the audience were treated to humorous backstories alongside the unruly fun.

Throughout the show, the performers utilised slapstick-style mock violence; purposefully exaggerated, this contributed to the hilarity of the show. ‘Unsuitable’ ended with one of the most peculiar yet absolutely hilarious scenes I’ve ever witnessed at the Fringe. Without giving too much away, the cast practically flew around the stage in a whirlwind of movement and noise that was an honest joy to watch and left crowd members doubled over in laughter. With its pseudo-violence and a couple of crude moments, this show may not be for everyone; however, if you’re looking to be surprised, to laugh and to walk out of a show beaming, this might just be the one for you (warning: you may be pelted with marshmallows).

Star rating: 4.5/5

‘Unsuitable’ will be showing at RCC’s Empire Theatre until March 18 – grab tickets here.

Header image via Adelaide Fringe website.