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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Well That Was Awkward


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Well That Was Awkward

Ellie Stamelos

‘Well That Was Awkward’ is the new brainchild of independent actress Carolyn Dawes, who is known for her dynamic solo performances.

As the crowd filed in to the small location, we were greeted by a peculiar (but also admittedly familiar) scene; Dawes all dressed up and ready to go out, taking selfies on her iPhone. As audience members took their seats, those in the front row were asked to take photos of Dawes as she struck overly-exaggerated poses.

Dawes then marched out of the room, asking us to ‘chat amongst ourselves’ before she disappeared. She reappeared wearing track pants, though the outfit change didn’t seem overly connected to the show. The performance lost its thread in the middle, with a lot of awkward laughter from Dawes herself, personal anecdotes that fell slightly flat, and a somewhat bizarre bit where Dawes ran the length of the room back and forth whilst talking about herself and panting. I can only assume Dawes’ intention was to live up to the name of her show and make the crowd feel as awkward as possible, which worked a little too well.

Though all of Dawes’ personal stories shared the common ground of being an awkward experience, there were moments where the show rapidly oscillated between topics in a way that was, at times, confusing to follow.

Luckily, by the end of the show things had improved, as Dawes regaled the crowd with a classic tinder-date-gone-wrong tale and an extremely relatable bit about the woes of working in customer service. By the end of the performance, Dawes had managed to shift my perspective on the show for the better, as she had given the crowd some truly funny (if sometimes whacky) moments. Rounding out the show by dancing around in a bathrobe and eating Nutella, I decided Dawes certainly deserved the warm round of applause she received from the audience.

‘Well That Was Awkward’ will be showing at the Buckingham Arms Hotel until the 11th of March. Grab tickets here.

Star Rating: 3/5

Header image via Adelaide Fringe Website