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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Castles


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Castles

Caitlin Ellen

“Breasts are beautiful,” says the woman next to me as the show comes to an end, “they should be out more often.” She’s not wrong, and it’s not surprising that that was the first thing she had to say as Castles ends and begins with breasts. 

Like uncovered breasts, Castles is the kind of show you don’t see often enough but should see more of. Coming from House of Sand, the sibling partnership of Charles Sanders and Eliza Sanders, and Holden Street Theatres, the go-to for all your Fringe theatre, this piece is a magic display of cross-art. It involves physical heavy movement, dance, song, art visuals, spoken word, and is all off the back of one incredible performer - Eliza Sanders. 

Sanders actually seems to be wrangling with her own limbs and mind throughout this performance. At some points she’s at peace; fluid and moving across the stage with pointedness. At other points she’s at breaking point; heavily breathing and rushing across the stage. As she asks us whether or not we’re pushers or pullers, you see her bounce between those very two roles as the show progresses. 

Behind incredible movements are words and lyrics that’ll have you questioning the state of everything and the interconnectedness between it all. Sanders’ voice is compellingly haunting and the way she dances is mesmerising. 

Castles is stunning, confusing, and jarring - a bit like the last two years of the world. It’s unique and nothing like anything else you’ll see. I suggest promptly bringing it to the top of your Fringe must-see list. 

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Where: Holden Street Theatres

When: February 28th - March 17th

Tickets: From $20, found here

Castles is the second part of a two part performance. Pedal is the first part.