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Wil Anderson's Wilegal @ The Fringe!


Wil Anderson's Wilegal @ The Fringe!

Harrison Schultz

Returning to the Adelaide Fringe with his new show Wilegal, Wil Anderson has taken last year's ‘flight incident’, which made news headlines around Australia, and turned it into captivating and hilarious presentation.

Being arrested isn’t something most of us would talk about, let alone laugh about, but Wil Anderson of course isn’t most of us.

The event starts out seemingly innocent but the combination of social media, a bad back and a massive misinterpretation from flight staff, see Wil soon being escorted by several police to the Wagga Wagga Prison.

While the show itself is fantastic, one of the greatest parts of the performance is Wil’s ability to build a relationship with the audience. The show takes place in a room filled with several hundred people, yet within minutes of the show he creates an atmosphere that lead's you into feeling like the story is being told specifically to you.

Overall, if you had the option to see only one show at the Fringe this year, forking out $50 for Wil Anderson would be by far one of the best moves you could make!

4.5/5 Stars.

Photo: Wil Anderson Official Facebook page