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Moseley Beach Club Sunset Style Show: A Heart-Warming Affair


Moseley Beach Club Sunset Style Show: A Heart-Warming Affair

Gerasimos Canatselis

With the Moseley Beach Club proving a successful hit throughout our warmer months, it came as no surprise that it was set as the prime location for a Sunset Style Show. Being noted as Australia’s first Beach Club, ‘The Moseley Beach Club’ was the answer to our prayers in replicating those European summer vibes we all so crave.


The Sunset Style Show was the first of its kind in SA, featuring a fashion parade promoting various local designer brands. Popular brands showcased included SKWOSH, Neue Bldv, Kloeha Bikini, The Lost Tribe, Cassandra Mamone and Pampelone. The night was filled with the prestige of a Milan fashion show, with the addition of course of our luscious Australian sun and sand.


While focus was primarily on the fashion and glam of the evening, the show also served as a fundraiser to raise awareness and funds towards Childhood Cancer. With the Childhood Cancer Association providing major support to children with cancer and their families, this event was truly for a great cause.  


As the show ready to launch, it was easy to sit back and appreciate not only the beach club itself but the prime location. The beach club sure feels like a unique combination of the Bahamas and Greece, with beach beds and umbrellas to match. With Moet & Chandon, Sterling Vineyards and Corona sponsoring the event, there was no such thing as an empty glass throughout the night. There was a nice spread of locally sourced seafood and beach bites provided prior to the show. With food and drink in hand, it sure required effort to keep it neat and tidy amongst Adelaide’s notable fashion set.


To commence the show our host for the evening Mix 102.3’s Jodie Oddy, set our eyes upon the sunset hazed runway. With the show underway, some very familiar local faces could be recognised rocking the showcased designer wear while strutting their stuff. Popular bloggers Alana Smith, Reinalda Costa, Hannah Clarke, Cayleigh James, AFL players Travis Boak, Jack Watts, designer Cassanda Mammone and 808 Threads Director Alexia Eleni modelled throughout the night.


The sight of the glimmering sunset hitting both the water and sand whilst models walked by on the runway was indescribable. A true first, guests were left in sincere awe as dusk hit the shore. With the atmosphere bubbly and vibrant, the Sunset Style Show sure exceeded expectations. With smiles being thrown around all night, the show felt casual and relaxed. A heart-warming moment of the night, was the addition of younger children accompanying some of the models down the runway. These ‘mini-models’ wore matching outfits to their corresponding partners, providing plenty of ‘awwws’ from the crowd.


With the show ending on a high, RD Jones Group and The Moseley made a surprise announcement that they would be donating an additional $10,000 to the Childhood Cancer Association. With all the models walking out together and posing for a final time, we ended the night with a bright moon illuminating the centre runway. With the cool wind breezing, guests walked away knowing that the night’s fiery sunset was not the only thing that warmed their hearts over the evening.

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All Photos Credit To Gerasimos Canatselis