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Adelaide Fringe '18: Stunt Magician - Danger Dave Reubens


Adelaide Fringe '18: Stunt Magician - Danger Dave Reubens

Jamieson Eileen

Perhaps it was the small venue or the even smaller scattering of attendees in the audience, but I found Stunt Magician - Danger Dave Reubens just shy of being a successful magic show.

Stunt Magician - Danger Dave Reubens claims to be “a crash course in daredevil stunts, jaw-dropping magic, and bizarre comedy.” Reubens does acquire incredible stage presence, un-phased by the small audience he was presented with. However, even with the addition of razor blades and barbed wire, his tricks are a little been there, done that. He also slipped a few times and gave away how the trick was done, which sucked some of the illusion out of the performance.

I adore the idea of this show and am an absolute fan of Reubens personality. I think he needs a little more practice and some original tricks to really hit this one out of the park. If he is back next year, I would definitely give Danger Dave Reubens a second go to see how he evolves with time.

This being said, if the idea of watching a man nearly staple gun his corroded artery is the type of suspense you’ve been missing this Fringe, then this is definitely the show for you.

Where:  Clubroom at The GC at The German Club

When: 16th Feb - 18th March (7:00pm / 9:15pm)

Duration: 55 minutes

Tickets: $22 - $26 here

Star rating: 2 out of 5 

Header image via Adelaide Fringe