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Adelaide Fringe '18: Rich Hall


Adelaide Fringe '18: Rich Hall

Tom Johnston

Returning once again to the Corona Theatre, Rich Hall was back with his honest and down-to-earth style of comedy. Introducing himself to the stage, his performance felt stripped back and far from over-produced - lending perfecting to his dry sense of humour. 

After having seen a range of young performers at the Adelaide Fringe this year, I realised comedy is an art that really does develop with age; comedy is about experience, not just wit. While it's a talent to observe the world around you, comedy is about placing yourself directly into that world and finding humour in your own experience. Lucky for us, Hall has been around the block a few times.

Drawing from his experience with Trump's America and parenthood in the UK, he even had time to talk about our little state of South Australia. Hall is a hard one to pick and it's a rarity for him to laugh along with you. When he did however, the room lit up.

The real treat Hall brings to comedy is his improvisation. Riffing off only a few questions asked to audience members, his rough skeletons of songs were brought to life as the lyrics made up on the spot danced around the stage. He continued to blur the lines between what had been rehearsed and what was a product of spontaneity, leaving you feeling like you knew the guy, not just his routine. 

A performance that might change night to night, Hall barely recognises it as a job. I can only hope that the show you attend will contain the coincidences we encountered. A blessing in the comedy world, Hall will be performing at the Corona Theatre till the end of the week. Do yourself a favour and head along. 

Where:  Corona Theatre

When: 14th - 18th of March

Tickets: From $32.00, found here

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.