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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Demi Lardner


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Demi Lardner

Georgia Brass

via Demi Lardner Facebook page

via Demi Lardner Facebook page

Local lass Demi Lardner has spent the better part of the past few years honing her stand-up skills through gigs and spots across the country, picking up her fair share of comedy awards along the way (from Melbs International Comedy Fest and even Edinburgh Fringe). Her ease on stage and self-acceptance as an artist is a result of her cultivated experiences and evident in her new show 'I Love Skeleton'.

In this show, Demi has ditched the conventions of stand up comedy to create something quirky and at times intentionally cringe. Setting aside traditional observational humour, Demi spends the majority of her show presenting strange, sometimes only seconds long skits, supported by strong use of props, music, voiceovers, lighting, and audience interaction. These skits (which are fast becoming her niche trademark) are grounded occasionally in audience-relatable anecdotes or references, but mostly in her own bizarre ideas and thoughts - kind of like those ones we all have but never say out loud, but in her case, on steroids. As a result, her audience spends every moment thinking “oh my God, where did that come from, that’s so weird but so true”. Before you go in trying to look for meaning behind this madness, I’ll tell you now there is no theme to link these skits, the only connection being their craziness. 

Demi herself acknowledges the absurdity she’s performing on stage, at times surpressing giggles, cursing herself, and even going as far to chastise the audience, reminding us “you paid to get in” but this is what makes this show successful in the end. Demi makes it obvious she doesn’t take herself seriously and allows her audience to realise this is not meant to be thought-provoking or even coherent comedy, rather something intentionally stupid to just embrace at face value.

While I personally loved this show, I can’t recommend this show to a general audience – this is not one for straight shooters or closed minds when it comes to comedy. It is in fact one for those willing to try something a little different to what you’re used to – and isn’t that what the Fringe is all about?


WHERE: Studio 7 at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

WHEN: 6th - 18th March (except Mondays) at 9:30pm

DURATION: 60 mins (according to the Fringe website, but realistically is much shorter)

HOW MUCH: $18.75-$28.00

STARS: 3.75/5 

For more info, or to book your tickets, click this link!


Header image via Adelaide Fringe website