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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Tom Walker


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: Tom Walker

Gerasimos Canatselis

If you ever questioned what the son of Jim Carrey and Mr. Bean would look like, look no further than the millennial mime ‘Tom Walker’. Hitting off this Fringe Festival with his award nominated show ‘Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk’, be prepared to open your mind and begin your quest into the Tom Walker paradigm. For fans of the shows ‘Rick and Morty’, ‘Mighty Boosh’ and the ‘Eric Andre Show’ this is the fringe performance for you. The show allows for crazy to be the norm and those obscure pop-up thoughts you have from time to time play out for a whole 60-minute show.

This is definitely not the show for everyone and that’s obvious from the get go. Tom Walker welcomes audience’s in with a hilarious cheaply made video game on a projector that plays like asteroids. This version of asteroids however consists of Tom’s head being your controlled ship shooting out hellos to what are meant to be audience members walking in. See what I am saying? Tom Walker’s show is like having a one on one catch up with that uncle that everyone tries to dodge at the once a year Christmas dinner. Awkward hilarity definitely ensues.

The show is a sketch show of sorts, with interloping mini-sketches plugged throughout the show. Walker is definitely quick on his feet, a big shout out to stage manager Brendan who managed to keep up for most of the time throughout the show. Providing big laughs, the show is a venture into the mind of Walker. Sounding more like a biopsy then a comic show? Sure can feel that way, but Walker manages to make it both intriguing and hysterical.

In describing the show as not for everyone, there are critics, similar to the heckler at our reviewed show. What proceeded though was one of the most savage yet side-splittingly funny showdowns, in which a comedian defines why they are the ones on on-stage. Without missing a beat, Walker had both the audience and even the heckler on his side by the end. With expression and reaction similar to that of the greats, 'Tom Walker's Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk’ is a show for those that can laugh at practically anything. Be prepared for the unexpected and even then prepare yourself for a little more!

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Rating: 3.5 Stars Out Of 5

Header Photo Credit To Adelaide Fringe Website