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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Sky Foundry: South Australia’s First Blockchain Digital Marketing Agency


Sky Foundry: South Australia’s First Blockchain Digital Marketing Agency

Nick Focareta

Digital marketing sounds like one of those phrases you might hear in the same sentence as activated almonds or robot vacuum, but in the last decade this relatively new term has come to describe the millions of businesses marketing exclusively via the internet and the 4 billion users they connect with.

Being at the forefront of an ever changing industry is why the boys at Adelaide’s Sky Foundry have turned their focus to blockchain, a powerful new technology synonymous with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Sky Foundry’s Chief Technology Officer Matthew Attanasio has a simple philosophy; ‘Blockchain is simply the way things are going, and we want to help businesses navigate what can seem confusing and embrace this incredible technology.’

Blockchain is a peer to peer technology that doesn’t rely on a middleman to approve online transactions, bridging the trust gap between client and marketer/advertiser that currently exists. Trust is fundamental in any relationship, especially commerce. Middlemen such as banks exist because they provide reliable and trustworthy data handling. Blockchain makes this trust (and thus the middleman) redundant.

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Sky Foundry offers everything from consulting, to development, to marketing, by integrating traditional marketing techniques with blockchain technology. ‘We can help people generate ideas for how they can implement the tech and create everything from the online/offline marketing material, to custom smart contracts and mobile app development,’ said Creative Director Clark Spendelow.

Since the agencies conception in 2015, both Matthew & Clark have strived to be forward thinking and innovative, showcasing this by teaming up with brands such as Paramount, Myer and Coles. Sky Foundry is currently seeking small to large Adelaide enterprises who would like to experience the infinite upside of blockchain technology in 2018.

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