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Having A Chat With Hockey Dad


Having A Chat With Hockey Dad

Harrison Schultz

With shows for the Blend Inn tour selling out right across Australia, the announcement of their new album and grabbing #54 with Homely Feeling in Triple J’s Hottest 100, Hockey Dad have been making waves (and likely surfing them to) too heavy to ignore. So obviously, when Billy from Hockey Dad said he wanted to have a chat, we were bloody keen!

Well done on the #54 for Homely Feeling! How did you guys celebrate?

We had a gig down the coast, had a secret headliner kinda thing. We were sitting at the bar, I was sippin’ on the waters, and we heard Dune Rats come on and were like “Oh nah, we’ve got no chance” kinda just started to not listen and then all of a sudden we came on and the hangover just disappeared. Opened a couple of bottles of champagne and carried on for a few days.

How does it feel to have fans who’re just so passionate?

It feels awesome hey, there’s just not one bit of date from any of those people. It’s the best feeling knowing that everyone’s just as pumped as you are.

On the subject of passion, the first round of shows you guys announced for the Blend Inn tour that pretty much sold out all round, was it super easy to make the decision to extend and add some extra dates?

We were kinda fish outta water booking those venues anyway. We were like, I’ve always wanted to play the metro… growing up idolising that place as a grommet. So, we were like maybe one show each place max and we’ll put more dates on hold just in case a miracle happens. Then in a day everything went and we were like "oh shit, totally should have booked more than one hold" and were frantically trying to get it organised. We had to get our mate to do a poster heaps quickly, he was on call for a couple days, it was just wild and I didn’t leave the computer for like 4 days.

When you were growing up, were there a few stand-out shows that you went to?

I remember at the metro theatre, I can’t even remember how many gigs I went to there, but the one that I can remember was Last Dinosaurs. I was like peak grommet, 16 or 17, and they had an all ages show there. I was like "oh man I wanna play my own gig there, it’d be crazy" and now we are doing that! I think other shows that blew me away was Parkway Drive, like every show, ever. That was probably one band that made me wanna keep doing this band stuff.

As a drummer it must get pretty exhausting getting up there and smashing it out each show, are there any which take your pick for being the most exhausting you’ve put yourself through?

There’s been a couple! I think the most strenuous, death defying one I’ve had was when we played Falls Festival last year down in Lorne, I had a real big night before and I’d woken up to a similar state as this morning, we were like second on main stage. I didn’t eat, I was testing everything, I was like [we] can’t have that, can’t have that, like nothing would work and by the end of it I just had to go and then I chucked up behind the kit.

10 years ago, what did you think you’d be doing today?

I would have been like 11 or 12 - we would have been just about to start our old high school band. We started that when I was about 12 or 13, you know those Facebook memories that pop up. Zach’s Dad posted a video of us as full grommets, I was on the bongos and Zach was on guitar, it was pretty funny. Seeing that the other day and then this weekend that just passed, it’s such a trip, you never would have thought that we’d be here.

So, 10 years from today, what do you think you might be doing?

I’ll probably be getting a paid apprenticeship, nah I have no idea hey. I guess the last 10 years goes to show that you can’t predict what’s going to happen. If we’re still doing the band stuff I’ll be stoked, and hopefully my arms haven’t fallen off by then. We’ve been properly touring for 3 or 4 years, it's good. hopefully we can keep doing that.

If you had an unlimited budget, what sort of show would you guys do?

I reckon it would be down the coast, south coast because the south coast is crazy. It would definitely have to be some sort of surf camp festival thing and everyone’s surfing and it’s nothing but surfing and music. Oh, and maybe a bit of cricket too, but more of the budget would be spent accommodating for alcohol than anything else.


With both the Blend Inn tour and album about to leave punters stoked around Australia, Hockey Dad have dropped a video for I Wanna Be Everybody as a little pre-party gift. Check it out below and grab tickets for the second Adelaide show HERE!