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Studio360 Cycle Takes A New Spin On Fitness


Studio360 Cycle Takes A New Spin On Fitness

Jamieson Eileen

Studio360 Cycle

Studio360 Cycle is Adelaide’s newest fitness studio, located in Clovelly Park. If you’ve never taken a spin or cycle class before, it’s basically a 45-60 min heart pumping, positive vibing, very sweaty workout.

Being originally from Vancouver, where you can’t throw a stick without hitting a cycle studio, I have taken my fair share of classes and assumed I’d be familiar with the setup for Studio360. I was wrong.

Owners Sam Stanton & Krissy Fearnside have taken the concept of cycle to a whole new level. Now, there are some aspects of Studio360 which do mirror that of other cycle studios, such as the mega instagrammable aesthetic of their bright and spacious set-up, and what would any fitness studio be without a cheerful natured staff. What makes Studio360 really stand out reveals itself when the lights dim, the music pumps and their classes begin.

Just off the big main entrance there is a dark circular room fitted with blue lights, which offers a club-like vibe. In it, you’ll find a number of bikes on tiered platforms as well as a bike in the middle, reserved for the class fitness instructor. The big difference here is the fact that the instructor's bike gently rotates 360 degrees for the entire class.

When I spoke to Stanton he mentioned it all came to him, quite literally, in a dream. In it, he was teaching in a circular room and he realised the benefit of an instructor who can be seen by participants from every angle. Thus offering members the chance to better their technique, which will overall optimise their results.

Stanton and business partner Fearnside had a chat about his concept one afternoon and both became determined to turn this dream into a reality. 

Along they way they tacked on a  handful of additional features, such as a class scoreboard to introduce goal oriented training, and a branded app for easy booking, making it obvious to see how much care and thought these two put into this space.

Studio360 Cycle

As I meandered around the opening night party, Sukha Life brownie waffle in one hand and a Mojo Kombucha in the other, it was lovely to see how important community was to both Stanton and Fearnside. The room buzzed with joy for what the two of them have created and there was an undeniable support from those around them.

Aside from the unique and mega smart concept behind a 360-degree cycle class, I happen to be a sucker for supporting local business owners who have as much passion and drive as Stanton & Fearnside. So, I’ll definitely be sweating it out in the future at Studio360 Cycle and I highly suggest you give them spin, too. Pun very much intended.

Studio360 Cycle officially opens Saturday, February 24th. You can find out more about hitting up a class online here.