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Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf


Adelaide Fringe '18 Review: The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf

Kate Sansome

The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf feels like an obscure dream where reality is completely flipped on its head.  Take a step into this weird wonderland, where dance, theatre and comedy are combined to make a commentary on modern age anxiety.

It’s weird, it’s wonderful but it also has you asking, “what is going on?”  At first, the crowd is mesmerised by a captivating light show, which portrays the piercing eyes of a wolf in a dark forest.  But then, the storyline fades away to a skit about performance anxiety, which had me curious to see where the story would progress.

There were moments throughout the production that has the audience asking, “is this real or apart of the storyline?” The characters continuously break the fourth wall and at one point, to get the audience to reflect on the role of the performer, the audience, and their audience's expectations.

The performance illustrates that The Big Bad Wolf is the anxiety within us all, and showcases the physical and mental reactions to technology, our expectations and our judgements.  It also jokes about how were the three little piggies able to afford a house in the current housing market and poses the idea that maybe The Big Bad Wolf was actually freeing them when he blew their houses down.

Throughout the show, there were a series of solo and group dance sequences that were absolutely stunning, as well as a beautiful singing number.  However, there were moments that felt like they went on for too long and you just wanted the story to progress to the next scene.

In the end, The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf is a captivating and enjoyable performance that had the entire crowd in stitches with its slapstick humour. Hot tip: If you're not a fan of audience involvement, make sure you're not sitting in the front row.

Where:  Tandanya Theatre at Live From Tandanya

When: 21st February - 4th March

Tickets: From $22.00 here

Star rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Header image via Brisbane Powerhouse