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Interview: Cub Sport


Interview: Cub Sport

Nadia von Bertouch

After what was arguably their biggest year to date, Cub Sport are back in 2018 with their ‘Bats’ worldwide tour. The tour kicks off on home soil and will make its way to the Fat Controller basement this Saturday night.

Since the group's rebranding in 2013, the Brisbane based four-piece have continued to cement their place in the Aus music scene, with the back to back release of their two EP’s ‘This is Our Vice’ and ‘Bats’.

The success of 'Bats' was topped off last year, when band members Tim and Sam announced their engagement to the public. We got the full low down from Tim and Sam when we spoke to them earlier this month, ahead of their ‘Bats’ tour.    


It’s a new year now and obviously you’ve got a huge tour coming up, but 2017 was massive for you guys... What would you say were some of the biggest highlights of 2017 as a band?

T: I think putting the album out internationally, completely on our own, with our own management and label was quite an accomplishment. In our personal lives, getting engaged was pretty cool!

Congrats! That’s so exciting for you.

Both: Thanks!

'Bats' comes off the release of your album 'This Is Our Vice' just one year earlier, was there any apprehension or nerves in releasing your next album so soon after the success of 'This Is Our Vice', or was that kind of the plan all along?

T: Yeah I had all these songs ready to go, so it kind of just felt right for us to keep pushing on. We get restless as well so it’s nice to not actually take a step back for once.

How would you say this album differs from your previous one? From listening, Bats seems to feature a lot more ballads, what do you think is the reason and inspiration behind that?

T: I wrote a lot of the first album from 2013 to 2015, and I feel like I’ve changed so much since then. There’s been so much personal discovery since then and I feel like I’ve gotten to know my voice better and the music that really gets me excited.

I think it’s going down a path that feels more natural. At no point was I aiming for something, I was just following how I was feeling and responding to that as a I continued to work on it. I guess it just feels more personal on a bunch of different levels.

The music videos for both 'Chasin' and 'O Lord' while being visually really beautiful, are quite, I guess, intimate and personal. What was the process like filiming them and then putting them out there to the public?

T: So ‘O Lord’ was the first video we’d made since coming out as gay and I’d written it not long after Sam and I had gotten together. There was that whole thing of being happy but not being used to being happy and stressing out that it might be taken away. We felt that it was really important to tie that queer signalling into the video as it was such an important part of the song.

It was really liberating to just trust our instincts and to put more of our identity into it than we have before. There’s definitely an element of it being scary putting yourself out there like that, but I think it was important to do and the response was really positive and encouraging.

With the announcement of your engagement, how important is it for you to use your music to a have a voice for the LGBTQI community and how has it impacted you as a band?

T: It really impacts it a lot, the fact that Sam and I are in the band together and that is what’s inspiring the music, as well as the people that are consuming the music and inspired by it.

I read a quote somewhere a couple weeks ago that said "try to become the person you needed when you were younger", and I feel like that has become a big part of what we’re doing. It’s becoming a more and more important of what we’re doing as a band all the time.

The tour is kicking off in late feb starting in Perth, a bunch of your shows are sell outs already and you’ve added second shows. Do you ever really expect that?

T: It was a pretty nice surprise! They’re some of the biggest venues we’ve ever played at, so we we're just stoked to be playing in them. For them to sell out months in advance and us having to add new shows is just crazy and we’re so excited.

S: It’s literally a dream come true.

You’re off to the US and Canada after the Aus shows, you guys have played over there before but will this be your first time headlining overseas?

S: Yeah in 2016 we did a tour of about the same size but that was a mixture of support shows and headlines, but this will be our first time touring with entirely headlining shows.

What places are you most looking forward to playing?

S: Pretty much everywhere, but there’s this place we played at in Salt Lake City last time, it’s like a tin shed basically, and we played there in broad daylight and pelting heat on a Monday. About 30 people came and it was so crazy to be in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the world, with these people who had driven three hours to see us play and knew all the words to our songs. So we’re pretty excited to go back there.

Having just played at Beyond the Valley, how would you say playing at huge festivals compares to playing your own headlining shows?

S: It’s a different vibe. It was so much fun, Beyond The Valley is amazing. There is something pretty special about playing your own shows though, and people coming specifically to see you. I’m really excited to take ‘Bats’ on tour. But yeah, it was really great to play some of the new songs, we debuted a couple of new ones from the album at Beyond The Valley, which was really cool.

Well, thanks so much for chatting with me Tim and Sam, I hope 2018 is just as amazing as 2017 was for you guys. Good luck for the tour, see you in Adelaide!

Cub Sport play this Saturday Feb 24th @ Fat Controller.

Header image via @savvyv