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Adelaide Fringe ’18 Review: Thrones! The Musical Parody


Adelaide Fringe ’18 Review: Thrones! The Musical Parody

Georgia Brass

Via Adelaide Fringe website

Via Adelaide Fringe website

A sensational song-and-dance send-up of the widely loved and acclaimed TV show Game of Thrones, Thrones! The Musical Parody made its Adelaide debut at the Garden of Unearthly Delights last night.

As a lover of GOT, musicals, and parodies of any kind, this was a must-see on my Fringe 2018 bucket list, without even knowing this was being presented by one of the best comedy troupes going around (Baby Wants Candy). It only took moments into the opening theme song for me to realise whose experienced hands the show was in, before breathing a sigh of relief, which soon turned into a chortle and continued until the comedic show’s conclusion.

Thrones! tells the story of a group of GOT fanatics trying to console their recently divorced friend Linda, who is the only one in their circle who has never watched the show. The ensuing hour sees the group bang-out a ‘previously-on intro’ of sorts, re-enacting or addressing as many key moments from across all seven seasons as they can, to catch Linda up before the new season premiere.

In this sense, this show is not only for the GOT fans of Adelaide, but the uneducated Linda’s as well – anyone (who is okay with spoilers) can come along and enjoy the show because:

  1.  It recaps what has happened so far for the audience (ready for the final season next April)
  2.  It’s not solely reliant on GOT plot lines, as the show is abundant with a wide variety of pop culture references (from Harry Potter to Hungry Jacks), profanity (thanks to a cameo from The Hound), and crude sexual moments (yes, there is incest)
  3.  It’s simply a hysterical hour thanks to the talented troupe who take the stage to tell this story

The show’s six performers are seasoned pros, evident in their amazing voices that harmonised beautifully or owned their solos, their simple but cool choreography that captured the audience’s attention, and the hilarious handling of moments that went wrong, such as costume or prop malfunctions. On this note, don’t be expecting Broadway budget costumes and props; the troupe effectively uses minimal, cheap, household items and countless wigs to frame, rather than dazzle.

As for the show’s music, the score and songs are all entirely original, bar for the GOT theme and one song being ‘Stabbin’, which takes a well-known trap track and turns it into a recount of the Red Wedding. The score has that unmistakable classic musical flavour to it, and the songs are ridiculously well written, containing enough comedy in them to carry the show alone.

All up, Thrones! voices all the thoughts that any GOT fan has had over the past 7 years since the series hit our screens. It takes the piss out of many character’s appearances and accents (here’s looking at you Jon Snow), it asks all the questions that we’ve never got answers for (WHY DIDN’T RICKON RUN ZIG ZAG GODDAMNIT?!), and it ponders what could come next for our beloved characters.

Ultimately, it addresses just how fucked up the show truly is, but Thrones! also acknowledges GOT on a deeper level, and how ultimately it teaches its audience valuable lessons about people and life, and in turn impacts the way we live and see the world.

While the show got a little weird towards the tail end, it's still an enjoyable ending to an awesome musical parody of this undoubtedly universally celebrated TV series. It's evident why this amazing group sold out their runs of this show at the Edinburgh Fringe for the past three years. You simply must get along to see Thrones! before winter comes.

WHERE: Umbrella Revolution at the Garden of Unearthly Delights

WHEN: 20th Feb - 18th March (except Mondays) at 7pm

DURATION: 60 mins

HOW MUCH: $30-$35

STARS: 4/5

For more info, or to book your tickets, click this link!