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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000




Mikaela Pontecorvo

Blanc de Blanc

Let me take you back to a time full of glitz and glamour, when music spoke to the soul, men would make your heart melt and ladies were irresistible.

Welcome to Blanc de Blanc, giving us a taste of an era that we missed out on! So, raise your glasses and get ready for a night full of lost inhabitations, sensual dancing, sparkling eyes and pure infatuation. Blanc de Blanc is the perfect combination of 1950s glamour, burlesque, acrobatics and yoga. Monsieur Romeo and his tribe of exquisite dancers are here to delicately take us through the temptations and pleasure of champagne.

Blanc de Blanc, an award-winning show created by production house Strut & Fret, is jammed packed with performances that will blow your mind.  The crowd watched in awe as Milena, alongside with her partner Hampus, gracefully soared through the air performing their carefully crafted aerial arts piece; their artistry is the perfect combination of burlesque and aerial arts. Fall in love with Jaimi, a mime artist and clown, she will bounce on stage and you WILL be captivated by her ability to move - there’s nothing she can’t do! Oh, and we can’t forget Shun… his body has no boundaries (literally!)

These are just to name a few. Nothing is off limits when the cast hits the stage. If their performances aren’t enough, you will be fascinated by their costumes, which consist of sequins, glitter nipple tassels, kinky accessories and at times they bare all. If you’re lucky enough you may even be pulled up on stage, but be prepared, you will be confronted with boobs, bums and a whole lot of touching. You do not want to miss out on this show, you'll be amazed, entertained and feel liberated all at once, laugh and be in complete shock as you watch each artist perform their sexy, slightly dangerous act.

Blanc de Blanc will fill your night with glamour, humour, nudity and unforgettable moments! Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Star rating: 5 out of 5 stars.