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Adelaide Fringe ’18 Review: Best of the Edinburgh Fest


Adelaide Fringe ’18 Review: Best of the Edinburgh Fest

Georgia Brass

Some context before I begin: Adelaide Fringe is the second biggest Fringe festival in the entire world, second only to the Edinburgh Fringe, which happens annually every August in Scotland. Last year I travelled to Edinburgh in September, meaning I missed out on the only other Fringe festival bigger than our tiny town’s by mere weeks. As a Fringe fanatic, I couldn’t quite forgive myself for this, nor give up on my dream to be a part of Edinburgh Fringe culture, so I hunted down a comedy club in the depths of the city and dragged my Contiki friends along to a comedy night.

I didn’t know what to expect but even without expectations, I wasn’t disappointed. I discovered Edinburgh hosts some of the best comedians in the world and I knew I had to see more of where that came from, and soon. Sadly, with no money after my trip, I knew heading back to Edinburgh wasn’t on the cards anytime soon, so I had to settle for what I could find here in Adelaide on a budget. When I saw the Best of the Edinburgh Fest advert in the Fringe program, I jumped at the opportunity to see it.

Best of the Edinburgh Fest sees three comedy acts featured in the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 brought together (and across the ocean) by Mary Tobin (a seasoned Fringe comedy producer) to showcase their best stand-up for an hour (or rather roughly 20 minutes each).

This year's line-up includes Abigoliah Schamaun, a USA export to the UK who knows she looks like a lesbian but isn’t one; Danny O'Brien, an Irish guy who loves Adelaide and a beer or 16; and Greg Burns, a UK export to Australia (more specifically Sydney) who now hosts Nova FM while doing really exclusive and exciting gigs on the side, such as the Police Bravery Awards.

Together, the three comedians create a crude and truly classic night of stand-up comedy. Due to the variety in the three acts as people (being from different countries, genders, walks of life), the show itself has great variety in anecdotal and comedic content, from partner shaming to drinking habits, all the while remaining relatable to the audience. Some jokes were at times a bit lost on the crowd due to some cultural references not being tailored to Australian audiences, but were still undoubtedly clever. They interact with the audience with ease and genuinely enjoy themselves on stage, evident in their laughter at their own jokes, or at their own expense, encouraging the audience to enjoy themselves too.

All up, this is a really amusing comedy line-up show where I left with my cheeks sore from smiling beginning to end, and slightly out of breath from laughing so much. However, there are many really amusing comedy line-up shows all over the city at this time of year and I personally struggle to tell you how this one stands out from the rest, outside of it featuring three international acts. To me, this is a show most suited to Garden walk-ins - punters with nothing planned for their evening, but are just keen to see a good off-the-cuff gig, and not necessarily comedy nerds looking for a stand-out stand-up show comprised of major or many acts. Even without the Edinburgh born-and-bred comedians I sought out from it, this was a solid night of entertainment worth the price of admission.

WHERE: Umbrella Revolution at the Garden of Unearthly Delights

WHEN: 20th Feb - 18th March (except Mondays) at 8:15pm

DURATION: 65 mins

HOW MUCH: $25-$35

STARS: 3.5/5 

For more info, or to book your tickets, click this link!